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Bank Account and Money

How much money should I bring?

Most students need approximately €735 per month to live in Regensburg, which includes the room's rent.

Per semester you need to estimate roughly €100 for books and at least €50 for other study materials. You need to add approx. € 145,- for the Studentenwerk membership (including the semester ticket for the bus), which all students have to purchase.

0109 Studentenhaus Bear in mind that you have to pay for your first month's of rent shortly after arrival.

Must I open a bank account?

After arrival in Regensburg, you must open a bank account ("Girokonto"; no savings account or "Sparkonto"). The Studentenwerk requires a German bank account for you to pay your rent.

Rent cannot be paid by credit card!

Bank are open most days between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm  and Thursdays until 5.30 pm. Some branches are closed between 1.00pm and 2.30 pm.

To open a bank account you will need your passport, proof of immatriculation at UR and sometimes your tax indentification number (TIN) from your home country. Therefore please ask at home for this TIN (in some countries this TIN is identical with a social security number).

Credit card, debit card or cash?

Cash is the preferred way to either pay for bills or purchases in Germany. Credit cards are not accepted at all retailers. For this reason, bring enough cash with you for the first few days. With your debit card and a pin number you can take out money from teller machines, and pay for purchases at several shops.

Eurocheques are not accepted anymore and traveller's cheques only can be cashed at banks.

Rent and insurance (does not apply for EHIC) must be paid through bank transfer.

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