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Student Residences

You will find a number of student residences in Regensburg. Several residences are run by the "Studentenwerk" (official accommodation service), who provides the International Office with a number of rooms for international students. International students send their housing application for residences of the Studentenwerk to the International Office. Students with German nationality and "Bildungsinländer" (students with German Abitur, but not necessarily German nationality) need to apply directly to the Studentenwerk

For most private student residences you will have to apply directly to the individual residence.

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Student Residences of the Studentenwerk

The Studentenwerk is a public organization that is responsible for all kinds of advisory services. It also runs the Mensa (main cafeteria) and several student residences.

The Studentenwerk reserves a certain number of rooms for international students. The rooms are asigned by the International Office. All new students receive the application form for a room in a students residence together with their letter of admission.

The application form for student residences for foreign students can also be found in our download section. The form needs to be filled out, scanned and sent to the following E-Mail adress: international.accommodation@ur.de

The rooms in the student residences are only for the registered students. When you apply for a room you have to indicate your programme of studies.

Foreign students, specially from far away countries, are given priority. If you want a room, you have to apply early enough at the IO (International Office). As there are more applications as available rooms we cannot guarantee the accomodation. The decision may even be made shortly before the beginning of the semester.

About half of the residences are coordinated by the Studentenwerk. The prices range between approx. 200,- and  300,-€ per month. For double rooms between approx. 150,- and  250,-€ per month and person. There is only one application form for all residences of the Studentenwerk, which is sent with the letter of acceptance. You can request it at the IO as well.

Private Residences

Apart from the student residences of the Studentenwerk, Regensburg also counts with private student residences. You need to apply directly to  these residences, since each one has an independent administration. You can access an address list of the private student residences also in our download section.

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Information and advice on accommodation for international students
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