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Graduate Programmes

Application for Graduate Studies

Image Auslaendische Studierende Ar _51_In almost all graduate degree programs you must apply directly to the Faculty's department that offers the degree you are interested in (for example the Department of English Studies, Department of Political Science, Department of Organic Chemistry, etc). In our download section you will find an overview of all graduate programs offered at UR as well as application deadlines for the individual program.

Application forms

As an international applicant, you will also need to fill in the application for admission (download).

The following documents belong to the application:

  • Secondary school diplomas
  • Proof of your first degree programme that qualifies you for the graduate study
  • Proof of your German-language proficiency (at least 800 hours). Exception: For English-language graduate programmes no proficiency in German is needed.
  • Financial Declaration (see download section)

Furthermore, individual departments may still designate additional documents that belong to the application, for example a statement of motivation (with a description of your resumé, your progression of previous studies, and your professional plans) or proof of further foreign-language proficiencies.

Application deadlines

Master programmes have no uniform deadline. Application deadlines can be found on our list of graduate programmes.

Please prepare your application about 6 months before the beginning of the semester.


Please make sure — via the faculty homepages or at the International Office  — that you send the application to the correct address of the appropriate department.


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