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What is the "Studienkolleg"?

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Some international applicants do not yet fulfill all academic requirements for the admission to a German university as their school leaving certificates or their academic qualification is not regarded as equivalent to the German Abitur.

They have the possibilty to visit the "Studienkolleg". This college prepares them for their studies in Germany.

The Studienkolleg in Munich is the college for all 11 bavarian universities. While you are at the Studienkolleg, you receive an official student status.

How do you apply for the Studienkolleg?

You have to apply at one of the Bavarian universities for a place in the Studienkolleg in Munich. Preferably you apply to the university where you want to study after the Studienkolleg.

You can receive the application form either online or through the International Office. With your application you have to hand in the same documents as for a regular application to a German university.

Further information about the Studienkolleg München

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