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Student Life

There are many possibilities at the university to meet German and international students:

International Office Events and Activities

The International Office offers an international coffee hour (“Internationale Kaffeestunde“) twice a week. The IO also organises parties and excursions on a  regular basis.

Image Hoersaal As _11_You can also find information about activities and events organized by the tutors on the bulletin board next to room 0.12 (office of Ms. Wunderlich).

The “Internationale Kaffestunde“ takes place throughout the lecture period: Tuesdays and Thursdays always from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm,
Verwaltungsgebäude, room 0.18a (opposite of the IO office)

Activities of Student Organizations

Student organizations, student dormitories as well as the catholic and protestant student communities offer further possibilities for international students to meet other students. It all depends on your own initiative, however. Do not be afraid to talk to your fellow students!

Activities of Student Residences

Most student dormitories (e.g. Thomaheim, Hiltnerheim, Gesslerheim) have their own student activities where students can meet and spend time together. Please have a look at the bulletin board in your dormitory.

ISNR - International Student Network Regensburg

The ISNR is a student organization that particularly wants to bring German and international students together in order to further the international exchange. The ISNR was awarded 2012 the prize for excellency with regards to social engagement for international students by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Catholic and Protestant Student Communities

The protestant student community (Evangelische Studentengemeinde - ESG) and the catholic student community (Katholische Studentengemeinde - KHG) offer many activities for students regardless whether students belong to any religious group e.g. get togethers, excursions, international evenings, dance groups and more.

www.khg-regensburg.de und www.esg-regensburg.de .

EL§A - Organization of Students of Law

EL§A berät ausländische Studierende und stellt Kontakte zu deutschen Jura-Studenten her.
Zu finden im Jura-/Wirtschaftsgebäude, Zi. R 001a (Erdgeschoss),
Tel.: 943 - 49 78


AIESEC - Organization for Students of Business and Economics

Jura-/Wirtschaftsgebäude, Zi. R 004B (Erdgeschoss)
Telefon: 0941/ 9435618

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