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Students with special needs

Are you affected by some sort of handicap or chronic illness? Then you are not alone with your needs. Approximately 7% of all students in Germany are affected by some sort of handicap or chronic illness.

Who does the term “student with special needs” apply to?

This term applies to a relatively wide range of people, including students with sensory handicaps, i.e. the deaf, hard of hearing, blind or sight-impaired as well as students a limited ability to move their arms or legs, students with learning disabilities, i.e. dyslexia well as those with chronic physical or mental disorders.

Students with special needs are entitled to diverse forms of assistance to provide all the support they need to help them successfully complete a university degree.

At Universität Regensburg you will find two advisory services:

Student Services offers an advisory service, as well as the university itself.

Monika Jauch, Student Services, gives advice on

  • financial aid and support during your studies as well as for everyday life
  • how to get approval for technical and staff support
  • how to interact with institutions and authorities
  • how to receive support during critical and problematic personal situations
  • social law and psychosocial questions

The university's advisory service team (Stefanie Feuerer, Dr. Tina Plank, and Dr. Bernhard Pastötter) offers several services to support you during your studies, i.e. sight-impaired or blind students will find a scanner service, special computers and microscopes. A literature service helps you get books and other material from the library.


International Exchange Students

If you come to Regensburg as an exchange student for a semester or two, you should contact Christine Betzner in the International Office for advice on how to prepare and organize your stay in Regensburg.


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Students with Special Needs

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