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Living in Regensburg

You undoubtedly have many questions about your new location and about living in Regensburg. Here we have summarized the most important facts for you, which include not only basic information about the city of Regensburg and the UR, but also practical tips for everyday life.


If you are curious about Bavaria as your new home region, please check welcomedahoam.com.

Culture on Campus and in Regensburg

Image Orchester As _10_

There are many possibilities on campus for you to participate in choirs, bands, etc. if you enjoy singing, playing an instrument or acting in theater. Apart from the University choir, the Uni-orchestra and the University Jazz Orchestra, there are many theater goups. The theater group Babylon from the department of German as a Foreign Language was created especially for international students.  Naturally the city of Regensburg also offers a wide variety of cultural events. Not only opera, ballet, theater and cinema are on the cultural calendar. Many exhibitions in museums and art galeries are worthwhile.

Tips in and around Regensburg:

„Wechselwelt“: a new type of Second-Hand shop

Now it is possible to acquire clothing or other needed items without having to spend a penny (or a Euro!). Regensburg recently hosts a “no-cost shop”. The idea behind it: to create a gathering place for conscious living, giving and donating to make Regensburg more sustainable and less wasteful.

The new, free store called „Wechselwelt“ started its operation on Nov. 30, 2013. It is open four times a week (Monday 1-4 pm, Wednesday 5-8 pm as well as Friday and Saturday 11 am – 5 pm), during which times you may bring or – independently of whether you have brought something – pick up different items. Not just clothing, but also decorations, jewelry, electronic products, household articles or even toys can be found at “Wechselwelt”.

You are also welcome to pop by and meets other people here (tea and pastries are offered).

Address: Steckgasse 6

For more information read the article that appeared in the press (in German):



Sprachcafé is the place to practice speaking new and known languages as well as to meet interesting people. Each table hosts a different language.

Offered once or twice a month. For more information check here (in German) or their Facebook page.

Stadtansicht Von Westen Streifen

Photo: Regensburg Tourismus GmbH


Welcome Center

for International Visiting Researchers and PhD Candidates


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