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onSET-Deutsch - English Version

(Deutsche Version)

What is onSET-Deutsch?

The onSET-Deutsch is a standardized online placement test for learners of German as a foreign language who would like to assess their German language knowledge.

The onSET-Deutsch can provide learners with rapid and precise feedback about their general language skills. This feedback can support learners in preparing for the TestDaF or the DSH.

Specific information about the onSET-Deutsch is available on the onSET Homepage. For information about the relation between the onSET and the TestDaF, see the TestDaF's internet site.

***Currently, we cannot offer any onSET test registrations***


When can I take the onSET-Deutsch?

The following test dates are offered at the test center at the University of Regensburg:

***Currently, we cannot offer any onSET test registrations***

test date: online registration until:

If you require a test date other than those listed, please contact our staff at the test center.


How do I register for the onSET-Deutsch?

You can register for the onSET-Deutsch online using our registration form (Anmeldeformular). After registration, you will receive an email conformation containing important information about the test.

How much does the onSET-Deutsch cost?

If you register online using our registration form, students enrolled at the University of Regensburg pay a fee of 10,- €. In case of other test participants we charge a fee of 15,- €.

If you are taking the test as an exchange student or a visiting student at the University of Regensburg or at the OTH Regensburg on a regularly scheduled test date for this target group in order to determine your level for participation in the Complementary German Courses offered by the Department of German as a Foreign Language, this fee will be waived one time within one semester. For this scheduled test dates a registration using our registration form is not necessary. The 15 Euro fee will be charged if you are repeating the test within one semester or are taking the test on a date other than the regularly scheduled test dates.


What does the onSET-Deutsch look like?

The onSET-Deutsch is based on the C-test principle. C-tests are written integrative language tests to measure general language knowledge. The test cannot be passed or failed, it is simply an assessment of your current level.
The onSET-Deutsch consists of 8 fill-in-the-blank texts with different themes and difficulty levels. You have a maximum of 5 minutes times to complete each gap text. Altogether, the test takes a maximum of 40 minutes.

How many times can I take the onSET-Deutsch?

You may take the onSET-Deutsch test as many times as you wish. For each onSET-Deutsch test you will need a new registration.


How can I prepare for the onSET-Deutsch?

The onDaF is a C-test, which is a specific type of gap-filling test to globally assess your current language level. The goal of the onSET-Deutsch is to test your current German language skills. Therefore, a preparation course for the onSET-Deutsch is not necessary. You can, however, familiarize yourself with the onSET-Deutsch test format. You'll find a sample test on the onSET website.


How do I receive my onSET-Deutsch certificate?

You will receive the certificate with your test results and placement level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages immediately after the test.

Can the onSET-Deutsch be a substitute for the DSH or the TestDaF?

The onSET-Deutsch certificate cannot replace the DSH or the TestDaF or any other language level certification for admission to a German university. The onSET-Deutsch is not a language test for entering a university in Germany. Rather, it provides a rapid and global assessment of your general language skills. The onSET-Deutsch placement level helps you find a language course that best fits your proficiency level.

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