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International Summer Course

International Summer Course at the University of Regensburg

1975 - 2015

Learning German in the Heart of Europe

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Important note:

The following website of the International Summer Course shows the status of 2015. The project was finished in 2015. Registration for the summer course is no longer possible.

The University of Regensburg is once again thrilled to invite all those from around the world who are keen to learn German to its International Summer Course. Running since 1975, it is a course bursting with tradition. In 2015 it will be held for the 40th time.

Being situated right in the heart of Europe, Regensburg is an ideal place to hold an International Summer Course. The city is filled with cultural treasures which date from the Medieval times right up to the present day.

Due to its large student population, Regensburg is a young and vibrant modern city offering a wide range of cultural, leisure and shopping opportunities and a diverse nightlife.

From a geographical point of view Regensburg is the ideal springboard for discovering more of Bavaria, Germany and even the rest of Europe.

Together with participants from all over the world, you will have the chance to not only improve your level of German, but also to learn about the country’s history and discover more about it’s culture. Our Summer Course boasts a rich program of language classes, workshops, cultural seminars and excursions, as well as a wide range of leisure activities.

The city boasts an almost 2000 year history, the traces of which are ever-present in its beautiful skyline and which bestow upon Regensburg its truly unique character.  In 2006 Regensburg was officially recognised by UNESCO as a ‘World Heritage site’.

The University of Regensburg is a modern campus university situated just outside Regensburg’s historical Old City.  Some 20 000 students (approximately 1300 of which are international students) are currently registered here.  In terms of quality of life and social atmosphere available to international students, Regensburg is at the top of the national and European University rankings (the result was based on the 2010 ‘International Student Barometer’ survey, taken by international students from 203 European Higher-Education institutions).


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Arrival day: August 5, 2015
Start of course: August 6, 2015
Last day of course: August 26, 2015
Departure date: August 27, 2015


Course: EUR 530,-
Accommodation: EUR 360,-

The International Summer Course is proudly supported by the Verein der Freunde der Universität Regensburg (Society of Friends of the University of Regensburg).

Click here for links to the University press releases on the 2012, 2013 and 2014 summer course.

Course Program

Course Program

An extensive program awaits you as a student on the Summer Course; one that will not only enable you to improve your knowledge of the German language, but also allow you to get better acquainted with German and, in particular, Bavarian culture, as well as give you the chance to discover more about German people and their daily lives.

The course program is comprised of the following main areas:

  • German Language Class from level A1 to C2
  • Workshops on a variety of different topics
  • Cultural Studies Seminars
  • Cultural Excursions

The teaching takes place in modern, fully equipped teaching rooms on the University Campus.

Language Teaching

The teaching follows the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment. There are courses available ranging from beginner at A1 to the most advanced at C2, which the students attend according to their individual language level. This is assessed at the very start of the course by a placement test or an equaly certificate. On the basis of these results the classes are then divided up.

By ensuring that class groups remain small (about 16 students), all our students can be taught in an intimate atmosphere and receive individual attention from their teachers; two optimal conditions for providing a learning experience that is both intensive and highly stimulating.


In the workshops, our students work together in small groups under the guidance of our teaching staff on one project orientated topic that is targeted towards the tiered language levels. At the start of the course, we invite our participants to choose a workshop which interests them from the wide range of options available.

Cultural Studies Seminars

In these seminars, our students are able to immerse themselves in a range of topics about German (in particular southern German) history and culture. The teaching material should be inspired by issues and events which the students can then go on to experience in reality during their time in Regensburg. The seminars are held in different groups which are divided according to language level (A1 to C2).

Full-day excursions

Two full-day cultural excursions headed by our learned guides will enable our participants to build a picture of Southern Germany and its countryside, history and culture.  One full-day trip takes you to Nuremberg  and a second outing to a famous landmark in Regensburg’s surrounding countryside, such as Prunn Castle, Kelheim with "hall of liberation", boat journey on the Danube, abbey of Weltenburg

Culture and Activity Programs

The course program is also structured around exciting and varied afternoon and evening activities, including :

  • Welcome reception and End of Course Party
  • guided city tour of Regensburg
  • movie nights
  • trips to beer gardens and a pub crawl
  • summer night party
  • numerous sporting activities, including hikes and bike tours, swimming
  • and many more

Cultural Studies in Practice

With our ‘Cultural Studies in Practice’ program, students can experience German and Bavarian culture at first hand and actively get to know local people from Regensburg and its surroundings.

Examples of Program Activities:


Certificate and ECTS Credits

At the end of the language course assesses all students are assessed by a written test, which is graded according to GER criteria. Provided that you regularly attend the classes and successfully pass the end of course test, you will be presented with a certificate before you leave Regensburg, which will state not only a grade that corresponds to your level of achievement, but also the number of ECTS ‘Credits’ accumulated. It is possible to obtain up to 6 credit points.

Accommodation, Catering and Transportation in Regensburg


We are able to provide you with accommodation for the full duration of the course in a local student or private halls. In most cases we are able to offer single rooms. All kitchens and bathrooms are communal and must be shared. There live both women and men.

Rooms are distributed randomly to students and will depend on availability!

We will provide you with bedding, but please bring your own towels. Washing mashines and dryers are available in the halls. You share the communal kitchen usually with 6 to 8 people but you get your own shelf in the fridge.

Upon arrival you will be required to pay a 100 euros deposit for your room which will be returned to you on the day of your departure when you come to return your keys, provided the room has been left tidy.

Unfortunately due to technical reasons we are not able to provide temporary internet connection in the student halls. However, free internet connection is available on the University campus for the duration of the Summer Course. Students can also access WLAN internet connection in the respective course classrooms.

Please note that we can only provide accommodation for the fixed duration of the Summer Course. It will not be possible to stay an extra night in your rented accommodation once the course is over. The Summer Course Team is, however, more than happy to help you find additional accommodation should you wish to stay longer in Regensburg.

If you prefer to stay in a different type of accomodation during the course, for example shared apartment or an apartment alone, we are also willing to help you.


The price of the room does not include board, but during the day you can find reasonably priced meals and snacks in the University canteen or numerous cafés on campus. Students tend to pay for food on campus with a canteen-card (Mensakarte). The card is given to you in exchange for a deposit of 10 euros. The full amount of the deposit will be reimbursed to you on departure day, provided that you return the card undamaged.


On arrival day we provide a shuttle bus to take all students to their respective accommodation.

For the time of your stay there is the possibility to get a cheaper bus ticket for about 32 euros. The ticket is value during the whole summer course. You can use it during the whole time in the complete city area.

Costs and Registration


The total cost of the course is 530 euros, which includes:

  • Full course and teaching program, including two full-day excursions
  • Placement test, end of course test and certificate
  • Welcome reception, Summer Night Party and Farewell Party
  • Information bag, town maps etc.
  • Free shuttle service on arrival day from the University to your accommodation
  • Personal support and care from the Summer Course Management Team
  • Free internet access in the University computer rooms
  • Access to the University library
  • Parts of extensive cultural and activity program
  • A small souvenir of the Summer Course

The costs for student-hall accommodation amounts to 360 euros.


The Department of German as a Foreign Language is once again able to offer one scholarship to a worthy course participant. The scholarship covers all teaching and accommodation costs but does not include travel expenses.

Applications for the scholarship will open from 1 February 2015 and close on 30 March 2015. Applicants only need to provide a CV and letter of motivation via email. Please do not send us any additional certificates or transcripts of records.  For further information on the scholarship please feel free to contact us.

Alternatively, there is also the possibility to apply for a scholarship through the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) or BAYHOST. For further details requiring the application criteria, consult the website directly.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The International Summer Course is open to anyone over the age of 18.
  2. The University of Regensburg does not provide any form of health or accident insurance. A valid health insurance is compulsory and you must ensure that you are fully covered before arrival. The International Summer Course will not be responsible for any personal injuries, illness, accident, or any other loss or damage to the participants' personal property.
  3. After we have received and processed your application, we will send you a booking confirmation via email.  Upon receiving this email your registration will be officially authorised, and you will therefore subsequently be required to send us the designated amount (either 530 euros for the course without accommodation, or 890 euros including accommodation) via bank transfer, the account details for which you can find on the booking confirmation.  Once you have completed the transfer, please send us an email providing us with some kind of proof of payment (for example, a scanned copy of the receipt/confirmation slip you receive from your bank).  Upon fulfilling all of these requirements, your place on the Summer Course - including your accommodation if desired - will be guaranteed.  Please note that some international bank transfers may incur handling charges, so please do check with your bank in advance.
  4. The full fees must be paid to us no later than one week after you have received the booking confirmation. Should you fail to meet this deadline, your reservation will be cancelled.
  5. Should you decide to withdraw from the course at any point up until three days prior to the start date, the course and/or accommodation fees will be reimbursed to you minus a flat-rate administration charge of 30%.  Should you decide to withdraw at any point during the three days prior to the course start date, only 50% of the fees will be refunded to you. Once the course has begun, should you then decide to withdraw you will not be entitled to any form of refund.

Arrival and Departure

Getting to Regensburg

By plane

By Train

By Bus

By Car


Our office, located on the University Campus, will be open from 8am to 9pm on arrival day. Our team will be there to greet you and register you with us.

Please make sure to have ready the following when you arrive:

  • proof of valid health insurance
  • 10 euros for the deposit of the Mensacard (which will be returned to you upon your departure)
  • 40 euros for the room deposit (again which will be returned to you upon your departure)
  • approximately 30 euros for your bus pass, if desired

Once you are registered our shuttle bus will take you directly to your accommodation.

To officially launch The Summer Course we invite all our participants to our Welcome reception and guided tour through Regensburg, which will be held on Thursday, August 6, at 10 a.m. 

Supporters and Sponsors

Kindly supported by (in alphabetic order):

Rent-a-Car, Regensburg Süd

PustetBookstore Pustet at University Regensburg


VERLAG & AGENTUR FÜR WEB & PRINT www.filterverlag.de

 Friends of University Regensburg, founded in 1948

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