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Courses in English

In the course directory (LSF) you can find a list of courses offered in the current semester under "Courses in English (suitable for exchange students)" - link to winter term 17/18

For course offered in the summer term check the last summer term - link to summer term 2017

All course levels are for Bachelor students in the 3rd year and for Master students.

If you need help finding a suitable course or if you have any questions please contact the program coordinator: elisabeth.brunner@biologie.uni-r.de

General information for exchange students you can find here!


Lectures last for a whole semester (term). At the end of the lecture a written or oral test has to be passed.

If you want to make the test, please inform the lecturer ahead of the test that you are an exchange student, as special regulations may apply for visiting students.

If you pass the test you earn three credit points (CP). Please ask the lecturer to issue a certificate of the passed test.

In seminars students prepare and give an oral presentation to a specific topic. The topic for which you will have to give a talk you arrange with the instructor of the seminar. For the oral presentation you earn two credit points (CP).

Practical lab-courses can be visited the whole year and are usually offered for three weeks or longer.

In most courses time and duration can be arranged with the instructor of the course.

For one week practical course you earn two credit points (CP), for two weeks four CP, and so on. To earn the CP, a report has to be written.

If you visit an accompanying seminar, in which you prepare and give an oral presentation, you earn two CP for the presentation.

Semesterwochenstunden (SWS) = contact hours in class per week in a semester.

Leistungspunkte (LP) = Credit points (CP); one credit point is equivalent to 25-30 working hours of the student which includes contact hours in class plus hours spent for homework.

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