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Fakultät für Biologie und Vorklinische Medizin
Institute of Plant Sciences
Cell Biology and Plant Biochemistry
Prof. Dr. Klaus Grasser - Lab Gallery

Annual meeting of our EU-funded Doctoral Network project, EpiSeedLink, in Paris in March 2024


Amelie after her PhD defence with committee members in December 2023


Simon after his PhD defence in October 2023 with group members


Kick-off meeting of our EU-funded Doctoral Network project, EpiSeedLink, in Madrid in April 2023

Richard after award of the prize of the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for his Master thesis in March 2023

Group during our annual works outing in July 2022

Group members in April 2022 (Isabelle, Ina, Zolile, Marion, Amelie, Hanna, Simon, Valentin, Henna, Andreas)


Philipp after his PhD defence in February 2022

Silvias Phd 1

Silvia with group members after her PhD defence in October 2020

Hans Phd2

Committee after Hans´ PhD defence in February 2020
(Klaus, Herbert Tschochner, Jan Medenbach, Thomas Dresselhaus, Hans)

New Paper Celebrating a new publication in February 2020


Committee after Wojtek´s PhD defence in June 2019
(Klaus, Thomas Dresselhaus, Joachim Griesenbeck, Wojtek, Herbert Tschochner)

Christmas Party 2018

Group at the Departmental Christmas Party in December 2018


Alex after his PhD defence in February 2018

Kicker Turnier

Winning team "The bosses" of the Departmental Kicker Tournament in summer 2016


Plant Chromatin Group gathering in the lab in December 2015 (Antje, Hans, Alex, Marion, Philipp, Wojtek, Silvia, Marcel, Michael)


Silvia apparently enjoying her lab work in November 2015


Brian inspecting our new lab in June 2015

Antosch Martin Phd 2015b

Committee after Martin´s PhD defence in April 2015
(Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid, Klaus, Martin, Thomas Dresselhaus)


Wojtek and Alex performing a “very serious experiment” in April 2014


Julius after his PhD defence in December 2013


Christmas party of the Plant Chromatin Group in December 2007 (Jacek, Dorthe, Rainer, Barbara, Marion)


Committee after Dorte´s PhD defence in November 2007 (John Mundy, Thomas Merkle, Dorte, Kåre L. Nielsen, Klaus)


Committee after Jesper´s PhD defence in June 2006 (Erik Ø. Jensen, Lars H. Pedersen, Klaus, Jesper, Andreas Houben, Kåre L. Nielsen)


Plant Chromatin Group in October 2005 (Marion, Ihab, Hanne, Jacek, Klaus, Dorte, Rainer, Dorthe)


The group during a brake in August 2002 (Jeanette, Diana, Klaus, Jesper, Hanne, Simon, Malene, Dorte)


Plant Chromatin Group at the occasion of Jacek´s PhD defence in May 2002 (Meg, Klaus, Jacek, Christian, Michal Stros, Diana, Karen Welinder, Andrzej Jerzmanowski, Jesper)

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