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Lehrstuhl für Mikrobiologie

Dina Grohmann

Prof. Dr. Dina Grohmann - Head of institute

Home to the renowned German Archaea center, we are constantly inspired by new (and old) archaeal strains isolated in our labs. Often, new isolates exhibit unseen morphological and/or genomic features that prompt research questions on the molecular level. Here, we have a longstanding interest in RNA-related molecular processes and employ single-molecule techniques to decipher structural dynamics, molecular mechanisms, and molecular heterogeneity e.g. in transcription or CRISPR-Cas complexes and Argonaute proteins.


Prof. Dr. Markus Jeschek - Synthetic Microbiology

Our research aims at the construction of synthetic microbes with new-to-nature properties to enable sustainable, bio-based production of value-added goods. We combine molecular biology, chemistry and data science in an interdisciplinary approach to better understand key genetic players and cellular processes in bacteria in order to ultimately rationalize and thus streamline their engineering.” For an overview of the group's research.

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Lehrstuhl für Mikrobiologie & Archaeenzentrum

Prof. Dr. Dina Grohmann

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