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Prof. Dr. Günther Bernhardt (im Ruhestand)

Akademischer Oberrat

Prof. Dr. Günther Bernhardt

E-Mail guenther.bernhardt@ur.de



  • Biochemical / pharmacological exploration of neuropeptide Y / histamine receptor ligands and of potential anti-cancer agents
  • Development and application of luminescence-based methods for the determination of the affinity and activity of GPCR ligands
  • In vivo imaging (fluorescence, bioluminescence, PET)
  • Analytical and biopharmaceutical investigations (HPLC, CE, AAS)
  • Heterologous expression, renaturation, purification and enzymological characterization of human hyaluronidases
  • Investigation of the effect of hyaluronidase and hyaluronan synthetase on tumorigenicity, growth and metastasis of human malignant tumors in nude mice
  • Preclinical (in vitro / in vivo) studies on the treatment of primary and secondary brain tumors
  • Preclinical investigations on hormone sensitive malignancies (especially mammary carcinoma, cancer of the prostate)

Zusätzliche Forschungsinteressen:

  • Medical occultism

  1. Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie
  2. Institut für Pharmazie