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Hier finden Sie alle aktuellen Veranstaltung und die derzeit laufenden Workshop-Ausschreibungen des WIN. 

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Leadership cases – discussions and work on first challenges for young leaders

Sonntag 12. Juni 2022

Being a young researcher brings along many challenging situations that you face in your role as a young leader. Communicating into all different directions, towards your supervisor, your colleagues, your students and many more people requires quite some flexibility and might sometimes also bring a challenge. In this workshop, you are invited to share your experiences, talk about individual cases, reflect your role and find areas of improvement together!

Workshop topics

  • Discussion of leadership experiences: which are challenging situations and why?
  • Different aspects of your role as a leader: how do you see yourself and how are you conveying your vision to others?
  • Clustering of leadership challenges and analysis of roles, needs and communi-cation aspects
  • Looking at your individual examples, best practices and questions
  • Finding out how you can best use your leadership toolbox and be effective in these situations

In order to make the most of the workshop for yourself, please reflect on situation that you have encountered. This might have been a conversation with your supervisor about your ideas, a situation with colleagues whom you are planning a publication or a conference with that you are responsible for. Or meetings with students that you sometimes wished to have been more professional in when it comes to motivation, coordination, goal orientation or other aspects of your work. Let us know your cases or key points and we will then be able to integrate them into the workshop. Thank you!


Wolfgang Leybold co-founded his first HR consultancy in 2004, where he advised clients along the complete recruiting process and offered trainings in leadership and communications. In 2019, Wolfgang founded Leybold Strategy Consultants. He is an experienced trainer and coach and is particularly committed to helping doctoral candidates fully leverage their doctoral studies as a catalyst for their career.


Since the number of participants for this workshop is limited, we ask you to provide information about your connection to the Universität Regensburg and a short paragraph about your motivation for the course when registering. The registration form, in which you can simply enter this information, can be found on GRIPS and can also be deposited there.

Application via GRIPS until 12.06.2022 (deadline extended!)


Mo 20.06.2022, 10:00-17:00, live, room: SG 4.16
Application via GRIPS until 12.06.2022 (new!)


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