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Alf Zimmer

Greetings from Dr. Peter Sandl, Head of Human Factors Engineering, Airbus Defence & Space

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I have worked with Professor Zimmer in the area of aerospace for many years. His passion for aviation, his constant endeavor for the good of the users and finally his concern about operational safety are omnipresent in his engagement.

Apart from his scientific brilliance, his work is distinguished through his extraordinary broad and at the same time deep knowledge. In a multidimensional multidisciplinary style Prof. Zimmer searches and finds exceptional answers to complex questions. He understands in an admirable way on the one handhow to vertically correlate fundamental research and real-life applications and on the other hand how to horizontally use and inspire the dialog between science, technology, fine arts and society. His work is an implicit appeal for “general studies”.

Finally, I hope for many years of fruitful cooperation and for Prof. Zimmer joy in his walks between the worlds.

Greetings from Prof. Dr. Klaus Bengler, Institute of Ergonomics, TU Munich


Professor Zimmer established ties from solving applied problems to trusted fundamentals of general psychology in many areas in an admirable manner. Although he did not follow the linear model of research, which would postulate that innovation only could stem from basic research then industrial research and advanced technology development. Due to questions in connection to applications and technical approaches – following an interactive model of research- challenging questions in basic research activities were motivated, thus advancing basic models and fundamentals. Additionally, emanating from trusted fundamentals, he motivated solutions for social questions. This holds for the elaboration of driving assistance systems and driver information systems which contribute greatly to the individual mobility and accident prevention e.g. as navigation systems and collision avoidance as well as the design of public traffic domains and interconnected questions of perception and decision research. He therefore has advanced general psychology and applied psychology, following Pasteur’s Quadrant, and, in multifaceted manners in social, technical and industrial context tied to the users’ welfare. A multitude of graduates is advancing this interdisciplinary research approach in responsible positions in academia and industry.

Dear guest, welcome to my homepage!

Actually it is only partially mine as you can see from the list of collaborators und co-authors. However, I think that there is a common and shared attitude to and motivation for the research we have undertaken: Curiosity, that is, asking WHY (the Latin ‘cur’ in curiosity) and innovation, that is, asking HOW.

This implies a general openness for phenomena which defy easy explanations and – at the same time – looking for ways to make it easier and safer for humans to interact with natural and artificial environments.

This common understanding of the role of psychology in our society has led to a seemingly large variety of topics we have dealt with, but there is a common ground, namely, to investigate effects which have the potential of a marked influence on human performance.

In practice, this implies a research cycle from curiosity driven research to applied research and back again to curiosity driven research. Indeed, many of our results in the applied field have motivated further basic research, e.g. in the field of attention management.

I hope that you will find something interesting which -hopefully - motivates you to have a closer look and – perhaps - leading to a critical appraisal and an influence on your own research.

Yours sincerely

Alf Zimmer


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