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Labs and equipment

As part of the Brain Imaging Centre at the University of Regensburg our research group has access to two MRI scanners (1.5 and 3 Tesla field strengths). Structural and functional MRI experiments are an integral part of our initiatives, which cover both fundamental research as well as patient studies. While subjects perform cognitive tasks in the scanner we are able to concurrently record eye movements and high-density EEG.

For more information see Labs.

Research topics

We focus on research topics in the area of functional MRI, cognitive neuroscience, clinical neuropsychology as well as visual psychophysics with applications in artificial cognitive systems. Collaborations with several international groups are currently being funded. In particular our research program deals with

  • cortical mechanisms underlying multi-sensory processing (i.e., audiovisual, visual-vestibular, visual-tactile) with an emphasis on self-motion perception
  • neural plasticity as a consequence of retinal or cortical lesions
  • brain changes following training and perceptual learning
  • perceptual decision making and planning
  • saccadic and pursuit eye movements during visual search
  • language processing in healthy controls and in the context of presurgical mapping
  • and on-going methodological issues.

For more information see Projects and Publications.

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