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Sebastian Strasser

I am a PhD student in Meike Klettke's group for Data Engineering. My research focuses on the monitoring of data pipelines, especially considering the effect data changes have on downstream applications.

Research Interests

  • Data-centric AI
  • Monitoring of data in ML pipelines
  • Concept drift detection


  • Mark Lukas Möller, Dominique Hausler, Sebastian Strasser, Tanja Auge, Meike Klettke: Heterogeneity in NoSQL Databases - Challenges of Handling schema-less Data. LWDA, 2023

  • Lucas Woltmann, Peter Benjamin Volk, Michael Dinzinger, Lukas Gräf,
    Sebastian Strasser, Johannes Schildgen, Claudio Hartmann, Wolfgang Lehner:
    Data Science Meets High-Tech Manufacturing - The BTW2021 Data Science Challenge. Datenbank Spektrum 22(1), 2022 (DOI)


  • Sebastian Strasser:
    Finding Potential Synthetic Cannabinoids in Forensic Drug Analysis Data.
    Master Thesis, University of Applied Sciences Regensburg, 2023 (pdf)


Lectures and Seminars:


In Bearbeitung

  • Visualisation and Interactive Exploration of Data Changes in Data Engineering Workflows (Bachelorarbeit)

Curriculum Vitae

Scientific Career

since May 2023

PhD student,
Faculty for Data Science and Computer Science, Data Engineering,
University of Regensburg, Germany


Graduate student of Computer Science,
University of Applied Sciences Regensburg, Germany


Undergraduate student of Information Systems,
University of Applied Sciences Regensburg, Germany

2016-2020 Dual Study Program,
Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany

  1. Fakultät für Informatik und Data Science

Lehrstuhl Data Engineering

Sebastian Strasser

Telefon: 0941 943-68606

E-Mail: sebastian.strasser@ur.de

Raum: 626