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Dissipative qubits and multi-level systems

(Abbildung - Quelle: Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 267005-1, 2004)

See some key publications:

Dissipative dynamics in a quantum bistable system: Crossover from weak to strong damping
Luca Magazzù, Davide Valenti, Bernardo Spagnolo und Milena Grifoni
Phys. Rev. E 92, 032123 (2015)

Dissipative dynamics of a qubit coupled to a nonlinear oscillator
Carmen Vierheilig, Johannes Hausinger und Milena Grifoni
Phys. Rev. A 80, 052331 (2009)

Dissipative dynamics of a biased qubit coupled to a harmonic oscillator: Analytical results beyond the rotating wave approximation
Johannes Hausinger und Milena Grifoni
New J. Phys. 10, 115015 (2008)

Spin-boson dynamics beyond conventional perturbation theories
Francesco Nesi, Elisabetta Paladino, Michael Thorwart und Milena Grifoni
Phys. Rev. B 76, 155323 (2007)

Dynamics of a qubit coupled to a broadened harmonic mode at finite detuning
Francesco Nesi, Milena Grifoni und E. Paladino
New J. Phys. 9, 316 (2007)

Spin-boson dynamics: A unified approach from weak to strong coupling
Francesco Nesi, Elisabetta Paladino, Michael Thorwart und Milena Grifoni
Europhys. Lett. 80, 40005 (2007)

Dynamics of the spin-boson model with a structured environment
M. Thorwart, E. Paladino und Milena Grifoni
Chem. Phys. 296, 333-344 (2004)


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