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Lehre / Teaching

Schwerpunkte der Lehre / Teaching focus

  • Biostatistik / Biostatistics
  • Data Science / Machine Learning / AI
  • Theorie der Ökologie / Theoretical Ecology
  • Ökologische Modellierung / Ecological Modelling

Corona update: all our courses and internships are moved to remote and are taking place as announced on the LSF!

Courses and lecture notes

For BSc Biology / Biochemistry / other

  • Vorlesung 54133: Statistik und Bioinformatik
  • Praktikum 54128: Evolutionsbiologie und Molekulare Ökologie

For MSc Biology / other

  • Blockkurs 54371: Introduction to statistics with R
  • Blockkurs 54375: Adanced Biostatistics
  • Blockkurs 54379: Machine Learning and AI in TensorFlow and R
  • Blockkurs 54378: Introduction to Bayesian Statistics (summer school)
  • Blockkurs 54376: Evolutionary Game Theory (currently not offered)
  • Blockkurs 54370: Research Skills


  • Seminar 54374: Theoretische Ökologie

Details about the courses, and enrollment via the UR online course catalogue (LSF).

For detais about the MSc module "Theoretical Ecology", see below.

External participants (i.e. from other universities or research institutes) that want to take part in our courses (in particular online courses) need a gues account at the UR to be able to enroll in courses and get access to the material that we provide via GRIPS. To get a gues account, please follow these two steps

  • Check here if your university or institution is included in the list that can directly create a guest account. If you can get a guest account, create one.
  • If you can't create a gues account, please contact the course instructor via email. You will then get a password which you an use to create a guest account here.

After having received your guest account, search for our courses in our course catalog . Here, you will usually find a link that allows to enroll in the course via GRIPS.

MSc Schwerpunktmodul Theoretische Ökologie

The objective of this module (see also here) is to teach quantative skills that should enable students to answer questions about ecological processes from data. Skills that are taught in this module include

  • Applied biostatistics
  • Data Sciene, machine learning and AI
  • Simulations and dynamic models

If you are interested in participating, you should visit first Seminar 54374: Theoretische Ökologie, to get an idea what we are doing, and then take our R and stats block courses to train your data science / stats skills. More details here.

Abschlussarbeiten / MSc or BSc theses

Interesse an eine Abschlussarbeit

Bei Interesse an Abschlussarbeiten im Bereich der Professur bitte eine Email an Florian Hartig, oder bei einem spezifischen Interesse direkt an den gewünschten Betreuer. 

  1. Fakultät für Biologie und Vorklinische Medizin
  2. Ökologie und Naturschutzbiologie

Theoretische Ökologie

Prof. Dr. Florian Hartig
Raum BIO E4_2.105
Tel +49-941 943-4316

Sekretariat / Secretary
Heike Pfaffenzeller 

Universitätsstr. 31
93053 Regensburg

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