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Group members


Marcel Schorpp

I was born in 1991 near to the source of the river Danube and received my Abitur from the Fürstenberg Gymnasium Donaueschingen in 2010.

I started studying Chemistry at the Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg in the same year. During my Master's studies I went to the University of Oxford to work with Prof. José Goicoechea for a couple of months. In 2020 I completed my Ph.D. studies at ALU Freiburg under the supervision of Prof. Ingo Krossing. 
After a short post-doctoral stay at the same group I moved to Heidelberg in the same year to work with Prof. Lutz Greb.

I subsequently moved to Oxford in Nov 2022 to work as a Feodor-Lynen postdoctoral researcher under the joint supervision of Prof. Simon Aldridge (University of Oxford, UK) and Cameron Jones (Monash University, Australia) until I received a call to the Univerisity of Regensburg (a few hundred km downstream of the river Danube) where I have started as tenure-track Assistant Professor for Inorganic Chemistry in April 2023.

Outside of the office/lab I enjoy playing with my daughter and trying to catch up on sleep (whenever my daughter lets me).

Ph.D. student

Tejaswinee Gangber

I come from the beautiful state of Chhatisgarh in India. I graduated with BS-MS dual degree from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal (IISERB). Before moving to Regensburg, I was working at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Hyderabad, India.

I am currently exploring the structurally constrained highly reactive phosphorus cations with open coordinating sites exhibiting triggerable reactivities and their applications in Main Group Catalysis.

Apart from working in the lab, I like to go for a run.

I believe that good music and a cup of tea can make the day. 

Research assistant

Moritz Kaufmann

I am currently working on synthetic routes to perfluorinated boryl systems and subsequent analysis of their behavior. Herein I am also gaining insights in cutting-edge FLP/FRP chemistry as well as experience in both synthetic and computational chemistry.

I also love to see things burning in the fumehood [in a controlled manner ;) ] as much as i like bavarian beverages and dishes [both in a less controlled manner].

Research assistant

Valentin Ernest

I am currently doing my Bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of Regensburg. I completed my Bachelor's thesis in the group, where I was investigating structurally constrained phosphorus cations. Now, I'm excited to rejoin the team and continuing to learn about the world of inorganic chemistry.


Bachelor Theses:

Valentin Ernest (2023)

Moritz Kaufmann (2023)

Sophie Woick (2024)

Tobias Villing (2024)

Michael Fuchs (2024)

Research internships:

Jan-Malte Pixius (2023)

Sophie Woick (2023)

Lukas Diener (2024)

Moritz Kaufmann (2024)

Jan Wieneke (2024)

Sebastian Schwinghammer (2024)

Francesco Cirigliano (2024)

AK Schorpp

Prof. Dr. Marcel Schorpp

Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry

office: CH 13.3.80

lab: CH 23.2.25/26

phone: +49 (0)941 943-4779

mail: marcel.schorpp[at]ur.de