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Our junior research group was founded in April 2023 here at the University of Regensburg.

Our research is currently focussed on the reactivity of molecular main-group compounds, with a focus on triggerable and cooperative reactivities (Element-Ligand and Element-Element cooperativity).

Our day-to-day research activities involve inorganic synthesis of moisture and air sensitive compounds (Schlenk-line and glovebox techniques) as well as ligand design (organic synthesis) and preparation of highly fluorinated materials (fluororganic chemistry). Quantum chemical methods are employed for project design as well as interrogation of reactivity modes and mechanisms of the generated compounds. 

The obtained compounds are characterised by common spectroscopical methods (NMR, EPR, IR/Raman, UV/Vis...) as well as single-crystal diffraction analysis

Bachelor and Master Thesis, Research practical, Zulassungsarbeit

We have research projects available for Bachelor and Master theses as well as "Zulassungsarbeit" and are happy to give further insight into our research as part of a research practical. The projects can involve both synthetic as well as computational chemistry but can have a clear focus on either depending on your personal interests. Feel free to contact me via email or in my office.  

Ph.D. Students

We currently do not have funding for a  Ph.D. studentship. If you are still interested in joining the group we can discuss potential funding bodies for a Ph.D. scholarship  as well as potential research topics. Please  contact me via Email so that we can discuss further details.

Postdoctoral Researchers

We currently do not have funded postdoc positions available. If you are interested to join the group you would have to apply for appropriate scholarships. As an Alexander von Humboldt fellow M. Schorpp is able  to support applications to the Alexander von Humboldt foundation for researchers coming from abroad. 

AK Schorpp

Prof. Dr. Marcel Schorpp

Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry

office: CH 13.3.80

lab: CH 23.2.25/26

phone: +49 (0)941 943-4779

mail: marcel.schorpp[at]ur.de