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FIDS PhD Students Honored at ACM CHI 2023

Magdalena Glas and Alexander Kalus received internationally prestigious award for their research work

16 May 2023

At this year's ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) in Hamburg, two Honorable Mention Awards went to research contributions by doctoral students from Regensburg's Faculty of Informatics and Data Science (FIDS). Magdalena Glas, PhD student at the Chair of Information Systems I, and Alexander Kalus, PhD student at the Chair of Media Informatics, submitted their papers independently as first authors.

Alexander Kalus and Magdalena Glas, PhD students at the University of Regensburg, received Honorable Mention Awards at this year's ACM CHI. Credit: Andreas Schmid

"Honorable Mention Awards are handed out annually at CHI, the top international conference in the field of human-computer interaction, and this year they went to the top five percent of the more than 3,000 scientific papers submitted," explains Prof. Dr. Günther Pernul, Magdalena Glas’ doctoral supervisor and co-author in her award-winning research paper. Magdalena Glas and Alexander Kalus are both 2nd year PhD students. "It is an international success when a research paper is honored with a CHI Honorable Mention Award – and an outstanding achievement when doctoral candidates manage to receive such an award in the early stages of their doctoral studies," says a delighted Prof. Dr. Niels Henze, Alexander Kalus’ supervisor and co-author.

The award-winning works demonstrate that the FIDS at the University of Regensburg is an important player in developing technology innovations and is recognized internationally as a research institution in the field of cybersecurity and virtual reality. Magdalena Glas' paper deals with the evaluation of cybersecurity trainings in authentic environments. Alexander Kalus' research focuses on the development of a virtual reality system that enables the simulation of weight in virtual objects and avatars.
The success of the two doctoral students is also due to the FIDS members’ scientific understanding. "The FIDS lays the foundation for excellent scientific research already during its students’ studies," reports Prof. Dr. Günther Pernul. "We motivate bachelor, master and doctoral students to present their research results on prestigious international platforms." In addition to Magdalena Glas and Alexander Kalus, a master’s student and a further doctoral student from FIDS presented their research results at the renowned CHI conference.


CHI 2023 – https://chi2023.acm.org/

UR Research Contributions at CHI 2023:

„Train as you Fight: Evaluating Authentic Cybersecurity Training in Cyber Ranges“ von Magdalena Glas (FIDS - University of Regensburg), Dr. Manfred Vielberth (FIDS - University of Regensburg) und Dr. Günther Pernul (FIDS - University of Regensburg) – https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3544548.3581046

„PumpVR: Rendering Weight of Objects and Avatars through Liquid Mass Transfer in Virtual Reality“ von Alexander Kalus (FIDS - University of Regensburg), Dr. Martin Kocur (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria), Johannes Klein (FIDS - University of Regensburg), Manuel Mayer (FIDS - University of Regensburg) und Prof. Dr. Niels Henze (FIDS - University of Regensburg) – https://doi.org/10.1145/3544548.3581172

“Measuring the Latency of Graphics Frameworks on X11-Based Systems” von Andreas Schmid (FIDS - University of Regensburg) und Dr. Raphael Wimmer (FIDS - University of Regensburg) – https://doi.org/10.1145/3544549.3585779

“The Effects of Avatar and Environment on Thermal Perception and Skin Temperature in Virtual Reality” von Dr. Martin Kocur (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria), Lukas Jackermeier (FIDS - University of Regensburg), Prof. Dr. Valentin Schwind (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences) und Prof. Dr. Niels Henze (FIDS - University of Regensburg) – https://doi.org/10.1145/3544548.3580668

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