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Globally connected, research at the University of Regensburg (UR) addresses the challenges of a rapidly changing world, both independently and collaboratively:

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UR is committed to ensuring an optimal research environment, nurturing scientists at every career phase, while championing equal opportunities, knowledge exchange, and innovation, through research-friendly infrastructures and dedicated intramural funding programs.

Ultrafast Nanoscopy

Starting in April 2024, the German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding at the University of Regensburg (UR) the new Research Training Group (RTG) 2905, entitled "Ultrafast Nanoscopy - from Single Particle Dynamics to Cooperative Processes" for five years with a total of six million euros. The RTG will be hosted in the unique interdisciplinary environment of RUN, the Regensburg Center for Ultrafast Nanoscopy.

Twelve scientists from the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (Isabella Gierz, Franz Giessibl, Rupert Huber, John Lupton, Jascha Repp, and Sascha Schaefer), the Institute of Theoretical Physics (Ferdinand Evers, Milena Grifoni, Klaus Richter, and Jan Wilhelm), the Institute of Biochemistry, Genetics, and Microbiology (Dina Grohmann), as well as the Institute of Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry (Christine Ziegler) will lead the interdisciplinary RTG.

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  • Professor Dr. Andreas Merkt (Catholic Theology)
  • Professor Dr. Alexander Hellgardt (Law)
  • Professor Dr. Steffen Sebastian (Business, Economics & Management Information Systems)
  • Professor Dr. Wolfgang Herr (Medicine)
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  • Professor Dr. Clara Löh (Mathematics)
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  • Professor Dr. Dina Grohmann (Biology and Pre-Clinical Medicine)
  • Professor Dr. Oliver Reiser (Chemistry and Pharmacy)

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