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Promoting Learning. Designing Teaching

The center for University and Academic Teaching (ZHW) is a central, research-based institution at Universität Regensburg. As a teaching hub, we support and connect UR instructors who are looking for evidence-based ideas and insights to help them desing their courses and improve their teaching.

Check out our website for more information, including:

  • Workshops and consultations to further improve your teaching
  • Various teaching certificates
  • Tailor-made tutor training
  • Support when developing study programs and modules
  • Access to different resources designed to help you make the most of digital teaching
  •  Up-to-date news and projects here at the ZHW (german only) 

We also have a blog, lehrblick, which offers instructors and anyone who is interested the chance to:

  • Find out about the current state of research and new developments in the world of teaching and learning
  • Be able to share experiences and ideas with other instructors

Of course, ZHW is here to support you and any questions you may have about designing courses, navigating your college experience, and more.