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Program Development

Developing and revising academic programs is a daunting task that is often made more challenging when we also try to ensure their pedagogical merit. There is a constant clash between formal requirements and institutional frameworks, goals, content, courses, and exams. Trying to reconcile all of these different elements can often be uniquely challenging.

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides hands-on support for the development and cultivation of quality programs for all faculties and departments at Universität Regensburg.

Defining Goals

For the development of a new program or for the revision of an existing one, it is essential to define its structure, contents, and goals.

  • What is the structure of the program, and what are its contents?
  • What qualifications should applicants have?
  • What skills and qualifications does the program intend to impart to its graduates?
  • How does the program connect to the university’s broader goals?

Learning, Teaching, Testing

Another important step when it comes to program development is to define its pedagogical approach.

  • When students complete individual modules or courses, what are the learning objectives we want them to achieve?
  • What type of test is best for assessing whether and how these goals are being met? 
  • What type of activity and assignment will help students reach their learning objectives?
  • What should students learn from the program?
  • How can we support students both inside and outside of the classroom?

Internal Collaboration

The process of developing a new program and coming up with an appropriate pedagogical approach involves a lot of collaboration from everyone involved.

  • How well does critical information get communicated?
  • Are there any reservations or ambiguities among those involved concerning the distribution of tasks and responsibilities?
  • What parts of the program do we have to adapt in order to meet the desired goals?
  • What is the best way to resolve conflict when elements of the program have to be changed and there is disagreement?

Quality Assurance

We provide quality assurance tools to all of Universität Regensburg’s faculties and departments to help ensure and maintain excellence in teaching and learning. Our work emphasizes:
•    tools for quantitative course evaluation
•    the implementation of qualitative course evaluation based on Teaching Analysis Polls


For more tips and strategies for the development of programs at UR, or if you are looking for someone to lead internal workshops on module development, don’t hesitate to reach out the team at the Center.
Feel free to get in touch with:

Dr. Birgit Hawelka
0941 943-5342


Program Development