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Guided Learning. Good Tutoring.

The content and scope of our tutor training program depends mostly on what the tutors themselves intend to accomplish, taking into account subject-specific and administrative structures. To help facilitate this process, we offer training that gives tutors the tools they need to guide students through a range of different issues, whether it’s their academic success or simply orientation.

When we design personalized tutor training, we generally cover the following six points: 

  1. Defining the program’s learning objectives in the first meeting.
  2. Determining the content that will be emphasized, taking into account the learning objectives.
  3. Determining the structure and format, ranging from short-term workshops to seminars held through the semester.
  4. Coming up with a schedule that takes into consideration the time management challenges of tutors.
  5. Staff members from the Center then organize and carry out the program. Depending on what the workshop’s focus is, training may be carried out in collaboration with experienced tutors from the departments in question.
  6. Further developing these measures, taking into account results from an evaluation.

As funding is provided through grants, our tutor training program is free of charge for all UR faculties and departments!

You can find an overview of our current offerings on the e-learning platform GRIPS, in the section ZHW/Tutorenschulungen..

We are happy to offer workshops for your tutors and look forward to hearing from you! 


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Tutor Training