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Production Studio

Universität Regensburg instructors have access to a fully equipped, state-of-the-art production studio located right on the Center’s premises.
We invite you to use our space to create digital content (e.g. educational videos and podcasts) to enhance your teaching.

You don’t need to have much technical expertise to record and edit with us. Our team is there to assist you. Once editing is complete, you can upload your content to GRIPS, UR’s e-learning platform, as well as other e-learning platforms.


Light Board Recordings

You can transform lectures where you use black boards, white boards, or flip charts into video with our light board, a pane of glass you can stand in front of and write on as you run through your lecture.
Example of a light board recording: Birgit Hawelka "Was ist gute Hochschullehre

Studio Recordings

You can also record more traditional video content in front of a neutral background if light boards aren’t your thing. For instance, if at one point in your lecture, you refer to a real-life object, you can point to it and simply incorporate it into your video. You can also easily integrate graphics into your content (e.g. the UR logo).

Green Screen Recording

Recording in front of a green screen allows you to choose and incorporate virtually any background (PowerPoint presentation, graphics, animation, film), so you can be as creative as you want. Green screens are useful if you want to include presentation slides into your video as you give your lecture, or if you want to include a sign language interpreter into the video, or even just for recording something in front of any (fictional) background.

Podcast Studio

You can record high-quality audio in our podcast studio. You can use the studio to record and produce podcasts to support your teaching, or to add commentary to slides or explain-everything recordings.
We can also help you record outside the studio (e.g. for interviews, sound on tape, field recordings).


Dr. Regine Bachmaier

Phone 0941 943-5344
E-Mail regine.bachmaier@ur.de