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You want to pursue a doctorate at Universität Regensburg or you are already working on one now?

This site offers some important information and links relating to pursuing a doctorate. Further central information and advice from Universität Regensburg can be found here. If you cannot find the informations you are seeking, please let us know.

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Pursuing a doctoral degree at UR faculties

Doctoral degree regulations

Doctoral candidates should act in accordance with the doctoral degree regulations: the General doctoral degree regulations in conjunction with the doctoral degree regulations of the respective faculty (Promotionsordnungen).

Doctoral procedures

The dean´s office of a given faculty is responsible for all formalities related to the progress of their own doctoral candidates. You can find further information on the individual faculties´ webpages:

Katholische Theologie.png

Catholic Theology




Business, Economics, and Management Information Systems

Informatics and Data Science

Philosophie _kunst- Geschichts- Und Gesellschaftswissenschaften

Philosophy, Art History, History, and Humanities

Psychologie _p _dagogik Und Sportwissenschaft

Human Sciences

Sprach- _literatur- Und Kulturwissenschaften

Languages, Literature, and Cultures





Biologie Und Vorklinische Medizin

Biology and Pre-Clinical Medicine 

Chemie Und Pharmazie

Chemistry and Pharmacy



Pursuing your doctorate in a structured program

At Universität Regensburg, doctoral studies differ depending on the subject. Furthermore, some are within structured programs, and some are not. 
How a candidate proceeds depends on the guidelines and formalities set out in the doctoral degree regulations (Promotionsordnungen).

Each program is organized in a different way. You can find more detailed information on what is available on the webpages detailing the individual programs.

The following structured doctoral programs are currently available:

Cooperation of bavarian universities 

    Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics

GS OSES Universität Regensburg
Philosophie _kunst- Geschichts- Und GesellschaftswissenschaftenSprach- _literatur- Und Kulturwissenschaften

Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies

DfG-Research Training Group 2337
Philosophie _kunst- Geschichts- Und Gesellschaftswissenschaften

    Metropolity in the pre-modern era

Institute of Art History with Partners
Philosophie _kunst- Geschichts- Und Gesellschaftswissenschaften

International Doctoral College "Aisthesis"

Faculty of Philosphy, Art History, history, and Humanities, And
Faculty of Languages, Literature and Cultures
Philosophie _kunst- Geschichts- Und GesellschaftswissenschaftenSprach- _literatur- Und Kulturwissenschaften

Doctoral College of the Faculties of Philosophy (PUR)

DFG-Research Training Group 2339

    IntComSin: Interfaces, Complex Structures, and Singular Limits  

Integrated Research Training Group in DFG-Collaborative research center 1085

Higher Invariants, Interactions between Arithmetic Geometry and Global Analysis 

Integrated Research Training Group in DFG-Collaborative research center 1277

    Emergent Relativistic Effects in Condensed Matter

DFG-Research Training Group 2905

Ultrafast nanoscopy - from single particle dynamics to cooperative processes

DFG-Research Training Group 2174
Biologie Und Vorklinische Medizin

Neuroscience Graduate Programme "Neurobiology of Emotion Dysfunctions"

Elite Network of Bavaria: International Doctorate Program
Biologie Und Vorklinische Medizin

RNAmed "Future Leaders in RNA based Medicine"

Faculty of Biology und Pre-clinical medicine studies
Biologie Und Vorklinische Medizin

Regensburg International Graduate School of Life Science (RIGeL)

DFG-Research training group 2620
Chemie Und Pharmazie

Ion Pair Effects in Molecular Reactivity

Integrated Research Training Group in DFG-Transregio 325
Chemie Und Pharmazie

Assembly Controlled Chemical Photocatalysis

Elite Network of Bavaria: International Doctorate Program
Chemie Und Pharmazie

Photo-Electro Catalysis (PEC)

Faculty of chemistry and pharmacy 
Chemie Und Pharmazie

ChemPharm Graduate School Regensburg

Integrated Research Training Group in DFG-Transregio 221

Modulation of graft-versus-host and graft-versus leukemia immune responses after allogeneic stem cell transplantation

else Kröner-Research College  Regensburg

Interdisciplinary Translational Immuno-Oncology

Faculty for medicine

Biomedical International Graduate School (BIOMEDIGS)

Faculty for Medicine

Graduate program Humanwissenschaft
(Promotion Humanwissenschaft)

Universität regensburg teacher education centre  (RUL)
Regensburger Universit _tszentrum F _r Lehrerbildung

Research Training Group 

Financing your doctoral studies

Always make sure to discuss your options for financing your doctoral studies with your supervisors. The following tips do not replace this, but may serve to complement it.  

Also, take note of the information for students (scholarships und stipends) and for academics.


Ads and programs at Universität Regensburg

Research - further possible funding options

External ads

Enrolling as a doctoral student

While doing your doctorate, you can enroll as a doctoral student for up to 6 semesters, and in this way obtain student status. A prerequisite for this is that you are accepted into a doctoral study program at a faculty of Universität Regensburg. You may, however, also work on your doctorate without prior registration.

The Registrar´s Office  (Studierendenkanzlei) can provide you with more information on registering as a doctoral student. International doctoral candidates can also get advice from the Welcome Center.

Doctoral studies with associated partner institutions / cooperative doctorates

It is also possible to undertake doctoral projects at Universität Regensburg which are supervised cooperatively by teaching staff at UR together with teaching staff from other universities both within Germany and abroad. Further details are dealt with in the doctoral degree regulation (Promotionsordnung). The dean´s office of the faculty in question is responsible for the candidates progress in the doctoral process.

Cooperatively supervised doctorates at universities of applied sciences and universities in Bavaria 

The Bayerische Wissenschaftsforum (BayWISS) supports cooperatively supervised doctorates at Bavarian universities by setting up research training groups. You can find links to external websites and information about currently existing groups here.

The BayWISS research training groups "Health" (Verbundkolleg Gesundheit) and  "Economics" (Verbundkolleg Ökonomie) have their headquarters at UR. The BayWISS coordinating office at the Center for Graduate & Postgraduate Researchers will be happy to answer your questions (contact "Health", contact "Economics"). 

Center for Graduate & Postgraduate Researchers

Zentrum zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses