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Neuroscience Graduate Programme "Neurobiology of Social and Emotional Dysfunctions" (GRK 2174)


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Psychopathologies associated with emotional and social dysfunctions such as anxiety disorder and depression represent a high personal and socio-economic burden. Although intense research efforts during the last 20 years yielded in-depth insights into molecular, neuronal and neuroendocrine aspects of emotion dysfunctions, the complexity of the underlying neuronal mechanisms often forces researchers to focus on very narrow neurobiological aspects. Consequently, research projects often lack an overarching and interdisciplinary view, which is especially problematic for the education of graduate students in the increasingly translational scientific world. Thus, projects are needed to put the growing amount of knowledge at molecular/cellular levels into a more systemic (physiological, neuroendocrine, behavioural) context to fully reveal its translational potential.


Speaker of the Graduate Programme

Prof. Dr. Inga Neumann

Faculty of Biology & Preclinical Medicine, Inst. of Zoology, Neurobiology and Animal Physiology

Tel.: 0941-943 3053 / 3052

Email: inga.neumann@ur.de

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Graduate Programme: "Neurobiology of Social & Emotional Dysfunctions"

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