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For doctoral candidates

The doctorate proves a special academic qualification earned by completing own research work.

The Faculty of Informatics and Data Science awards the following degrees on the basis of a doctoral examination passed in accordance with its doctoral degree regulations, depending on the doctoral subject and type of research work:  

  • the academic degree Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.)
  • the academic degree Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.)
  • the academic degree Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.)
  • the academic degree Doctor of Economics (Dr. rer. pol.)

Earning a doctorate at FIDS requires writing a thesis in the doctoral subject (so-called dissertation) and taking an oral examination, the thesis defense (so-called disputation).

Doctoral degree regulations

Procedures & forms

In the FIDS forms center you will find all important forms for your doctoral studies at the University of Regensburg and can get an overview of the required procedures.

Enrolling as a doctoral student

While doing your doctorate, you can enroll as a doctoral student for up to 8 semesters, and in this way obtain student status. The prerequisite for this is that you have been accepted as a doctoral candidate at FIDS. International doctoral candidates can apply for an extension of their student status for a further 2 semesters if they have adaptation problems or language problems during the doctoral phase.

The Registrar's Office (Studierendenkanzlei) provides information about enrolling as a doctoral student. International doctoral candidates can also get advice from the Welcome Center.
Enrolment as a doctoral student is OPTIONAL, i.e. you can also do a doctorate without being enrolled as a doctoral student. However, applying for acceptance as a doctoral candidate at FIDS is mandatory if you want to do a doctorate at FIDS.

Doctoral seminars

Doctoral seminars give doctoral candidates the opportunity to regularly present their progress to a larger group and to obtain feedback. In addition, doctoral candidates can learn from the presentations of fellow candidates and the subsequent feedback rounds. The opportunity to expand one's network through contacts with like-minded researchers is another advantage offered by doctoral seminars. Doctoral candidates, supervising professors and other professors from the same subject area usually attend such seminars.

The following doctoral seminars currently exist at FIDS:

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