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Welcome to the website of Faculty of Informatics and Data Science!

Commencing on March 6, 2020 , we have a faculty of informatics (or computer science) and data science at the Universität Regensburg. Finally, a gap has been filled which had existed since the fourth state university of Bavaria was founded over 50 years ago. Our goal is to establish a faculty of informatics and data science with internationally visible research and study programs. Additionally, we intend to expand in the field of artificial intelligence. The new faculty has been endowed with substantial funding by the state of Bavaria. Newly appointed scholars will find attractive opportunities to personally shape their professional environment.

  • Konzeptpapier (German version; the English version will follow soon)

New bachelor’s and master’s programs in informatics, data science and artificial intelligence will be developed and established at the new faculty. Teaching will be possible either in German or in English.


Professorships at the Faculty of Informatics and Data Science

  • Professorship of Algorithmic Bioinformatics
  • Professorship of Computational Immunology
  • Professorship of Biomedical Imaging
  • Professorship of Machine Learning, in particular Uncertainty Quantification
  • Professorship of Artificial Intelligence in IT Security
  • Professorship of Machine Learning
  • Professorship of Theoretical Informatics
  • Professorship Programming and Software Development
  • Professorship of Data Engineering
  • Professorship Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Professorship of Technical Informatics
  • Professorship of Human-Computer Interaction
  • Professorship of Data Security and Cryptography
  • Professorship of Computational Statistics

In the context of the new faculty, core subjects in the field of informatics will be established. It is also planned to further develop our existing strengths in applied informatics and neighboring scientific disciplines. Via the following links you can obtain an overview of the numerous already well-established groups and institutes which have a close relationship to computer science:

Additionally, the wide range of academic subjects covered at our university  offers many interesting interdisciplinary opportunities for collaboration.

Please note: The website of the newly-established Faculty of Informatics and Data Science is under development and will be extended step by step.

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