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New B.Sc. Degree Programs at UR: Computer Science and Data Science

The new B.Sc. degree programs "Computer Science" and "Data Science" at the University of Regensburg combine innovative teaching concepts with future topics such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, and bioinformatics.

1. Juni 2023

The Faculty of Informatics and Data Science (FIDS for short) at the University of Regensburg in Germany, introduces two new bachelor's degree programs, "Computer Science" and "Data Science", in the winter semester 2023/2024. Enrollment in the degree programs is possible until September 30. International prospects must apply by July 15. Prospective students can clarify their questions about the new degree programs in advance. For this purpose, FIDS invites to virtual information events on July 12, August 17, and September 4.

The new bachelor's degree program "Computer Science" at the University of Regensburg provides future students with a broad computer science education that covers all core areas of the subject. "Our program offers four special features in addition to the general computer science education," explains Professor Juliane Krämer, Dean of Studies at FIDS and lead in the development of the study program. "We teach future topics - from artificial intelligence to cyber security. Our students receive the necessary mathematics knowledge for these topics in precisely tailored courses." In addition, computer science students can expect a great deal of freedom of choice at the University of Regensburg. "Our students can focus on where their interests lie," Professor Krämer proudly reports. "More than one semester of study can be freely designed." Besides, the new degree program aims to ease its students' path to a successful career start: "In addition to computer science content, we teach key skills such as collaborative working and time management, which are crucial for a promising career."

Simultaneously with the computer science degree program, the bachelor's degree program "Data Science" is launched. Data is a ubiquitous factor in our modern society: medical patient data, production data in industry, and customer data in online shopping are just a few examples. The new "Data Science" degree program will meet the ever-increasing demand for professionals who understand how to tame these immense amounts of data and make them useful. "Data Science is not a passing trend," emphasizes Rainer Spang, professor of bioinformatics and chairman in the development of Regensburg's Data Science degree program. "Data Science is an indispensable consequence of a computer-based society. Our society depends on data science graduates in all areas - whether in medicine, marketing, police work, mechanical engineering or the natural sciences." The bachelor's degree program 'Data Science' at the University of Regensburg follows the same innovative teaching concept as the new computer science degree program, focusing on future- oriented topics ranging from Big Data to Bioinformatics to Artificial Intelligence. It offers tailored mathematics courses, extensive freedom of choice, and imparts key skills for a successful career start.

Professor Meike Klettke, Chair of Data Engineering at the University of Regensburg, provides advice to prospective students at "Regensburg University Day" in February 2023. Credit: Julia Dragan

"Bright career prospects"

"Graduates of computer science and data science programs can look forward to bright career prospects," explains Professor Christian Wolff, Dean of FIDS. "After graduation, our students will be sought after in practically every industry, both nationally and internationally." Potential employers include companies, government agencies, and research institutions. Graduates will, for example, be able to work as programmers, app developers, system administrators, IT consultants, game designers, IT project managers, data analysts, and IT security consultants.

Attractive study environment

In addition to the promising career prospects, the dean of FIDS also emphasizes the attractive study environment in which the new bachelor's degree programs in "Computer Science" and "Data Science" are embedded. "There are numerous reasons for prospective students to come to Regensburg, to the university, and especially to FIDS," enthuses Professor Wolff. For example, FIDS focuses on research-based teaching, providing students with the opportunity to actively engage in research from an early stage. In addition, the faculty is committed to drawing science and industry closer together. To this end, Professor Udo Kruschwitz, an expert in the field of natural language engineering and FIDS member, has launched the Data Science @ Regensburg event series. The series regularly hosts lectures by national and international experts from science and industry (e.g., Netflix, Amazon or Spotify). "Data Science @ Regensburg offers our students an excellent opportunity to make initial contacts with companies," reports Professor Kruschwitz. Outside of FIDS, students at the University of Regensburg can enjoy a vibrant cultural life, featuring a wide range of music and theater groups, sports activities, and a student-run radio station. Beyond the university, Regensburg can be explored. Its historic old town holds the prestigious distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, the dean of FIDS knows from his many years of experience as a university lecturer what students particularly appreciate about Regensburg: "Our students absolutely love the charming beer gardens, the abundance of pubs, and of course, the thriving AI business scene." The latter offers Regensburg students desirable internships and part-time jobs.


Information events for prospective students on the new bachelor’s degree programs "Computer Science" and "Data Science" at the University of Regensburg will take place on

Wednesday, July 12, 2023, 5:00 PM, www.go.ur.de/infoveranstaltung1-studieren-an-der-fids

Thursday, August 17, 2023, 4:00 PM, www.go.ur.de/infoveranstaltung2-studieren-an-der-fids

Monday, September 04, 2023, 4:00 PM, www.go.ur.de/infoveranstaltung3-studieren-an-der-fids

Website of the B.Sc. program "Computer Science" at the University of Regensburg: www. go.ur.de/bachelor-comp-sci

Website of the B.Sc. program "Data Science" at the University of Regensburg: www. go.ur.de/bachelor-data-sci

The FIDS (Faculty of Informatics and Data Science) unites research and teaching in the fields of Computer Science, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Regensburg. www. go.ur.de/fids-faculty

The Meetup "Data Science @ Regensburg" is a series of public events featuring presentations on data science topics by experts from both academia and industry.  https://www.meetup.com/de- DE/data-science-regensburg/

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