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Malodorous Metropolises

Plenty of marble, trash of all kinds: It smelled bad in ancient metropolises - From the annual conference of the DFG Research Training Group 2337 "Pre-Modern Metropolitanism" at the University of Regensburg... more


A novel microscope operates on the quantum state of single electrons

UR researchers publish study in the renowned journal Nature... more


UR Participates in EU Jean Monnet Network

The network explores heritage diplomacy as part of EU’s external relations with a special focus on Ukraine.... more


“I want to be an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.”

Meet Herbert Ainamani, International Presidential Visiting Scholar Fellow 2023 at the University of Regensburg.... more


Building Back Better Environment Research

University of Regensburg hosts matchmaking conference with participants from Ukraine and Bavaria in the field of interdisciplinary environmental research and its application.... more


Parabiblical Literature in Armenia and its Social Locations

The international conference on Armenian parabiblical literature united with the combination of traditions “beyond the canon” and Area Studies two major research areas at UR... more


MIT-Germany – University of Regensburg Seed Fund

Opportunity to explore new collaborations... more


The nanoworld in super-slow motion

New flagship programme for doctoral students in Regensburg approved... more


How Do Plants Sense Water?

Prestigious ERC Synergy Grant for elucidating a universal mechanism for water sensing in plants: Scientists from Regensburg, Nottingham, Tel Aviv, and Trondheim investigate how plants can measure water stress and minimize water loss during drought periods.... more


(Re-)Ordering Eastern Europe

IOS Annual Conference 2023 in Regensburg – Keynotes addressing terminological pitfalls, geopolitics, and knowledge hierarchies.... more

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