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Scientific Program

Welcome to "Seeing Colors" - Scientific Program

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Monday, September 19, 2016   -  Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Monday, September 19th - Audimax (H1 - Central Lecture Building)


Opening Remarks
Mark Greenlee / Christoph Wagner

Session1: Origins of Color (Moderator: Christoph Wagner)
13:10 Phenomena of Color and the Quest for Mechanisms
John S. Werner, University of California, Davis
13:40 Cortical response to categorical color differences in prelinguistic infants
Ichiro Kuriki, Tohoku University
14:10 How the world became colored: the evolution of conscious color perception in primates
Jay Neitz, University of Washington


Coffee break

Session 2: Early Stage Mechanisms (Moderator: Mark Greenlee)
15:10 A Comparative Look at Photopigments and Color Vision
Gerald Jacobs, University of California, Santa Barbara
15:40 Electrophysiological correlates of cone-opponent processing in the human retina
Jan Kremers, University of Erlangen – Nuremberg
16:10 Colour blindness and Coloured Filters: What Dalton saw about the attenuation of colour vision
Justin Broackes, Brown University
16:40 Final discussion


Reception (Audimax)


Tuesday, September 20th - Vielberth Building (H24)

Session 3: Chromatic and Achromatic Pathways (Moderator: Herbert Jägle)


09:00 Segregated transmission of achromatic and chromatic signals in the primate visual pathways
Barry Lee, Max Planck Institute – Göttingen and State University of New York
09:30 Seeing colors in achromatic stimuli: Grapheme-color synesthesia
Gregor Volberg, University of Regensburg
10:00 Multiple spatial systems for color vision
Arthur Shapiro, American University, Washington DC


Coffee break

Session 4: Discrimination and Hue (Moderator: Maka Malania)
11:00 Seeing colours as different
John D. Mollon, University of Cambridge
11:30 Assessing the severity of colour vision loss - implications for occupational environments.
John Barbur, City University London
12:00 Discriminating colours in tetrachromatic space
Gabriele Jordan, University of Newcastle


Lunch (OTH Mensa)

Session 5: Complexities of Color (Moderator: Anton Beer)
13:30 Blue and yellow in the world, the brain, and the dress
Michael Webster, University of Nevada, Reno
14:00 Distorted insights: from hue anomalies to colour mechanisms
Andrew Stockman, University College London
14:30 The neural basis of color "filling-in" and its attentional modulation
Peter Tse, Dartmouth College


Coffee break

Session 6: Color Constancy (Moderator: Alf Zimmer )
15:30 Why Colour Constancy Needs More Than Colour
David Foster, University of Manchester
16:00 Color perception and Memory - The impact of color on our experience and behavior
Axel Buether, Bergische University Wuppertal
16:30 Seeing (and Feeling) the Light
Anya Hurlbert, University of Newcastle
17:00 Final discussion


Poster Session Vielberth Foyer (in front of H24)


Conference Dinner (Andreasstadel)


Wednesday, September 21st - Vielberth Building (H24)

Session 7: Cortical Mechanisms (Moderator: Patrick Cavanagh)


09:00 Comparing color systems in monkeys and humans
Bevil Conway, Wellesley College
09:30 Colour vision across the life span: perception, brain imaging and individual differences
Sophie Wuerger, University of Liverpool
10:00 Colours in the human brain: of movies, the binding problem, constancy, and predictive coding
Andreas Bartels, University of Tübingen


Coffee break

Session 8: Color in Art and Culture (Moderator: John S. Werner)
11:00 "Interaction of Color" – Concepts of Seeing Colors in Modern Art
Christoph Wagner, University of Regensburg
11:30 Color – from Means of Representation to Object of Representation
Matthias Bleyl, Weissensee School of Art, Berlin
12:00 The Colours of Paradise and its Discontents
Karl Schawelka, Bauhaus University, Weimar


Lunch (OTH Mensa)


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Airportliner shuttle to Munich Airport.
All departing delegates should bring their bags with them to the venue. The shuttle to the Airport will leave from the Vielberth Hall.


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