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Objects in Conflict – The Material Culture of Intercultural Diplomacy (1600-1830)

Donnerstag 16. Februar 2023 - Samstag 18. Februar 2023

International Conference presented by the DFG Project: “Entangled Objects? The Material Culture of Diplomacy in Transcultural Processes of Negotiation in the 18th Century”

The interdisciplinary conference examines the variable forms, functions, and politico-legal semantics of object use in diplomatic interactions between European and nonEuropean actors in European and non-European regions. We are interested in diplomatic encounters of representatives of early modern political units that were perceived as highly different by the contemporaries and seek to analyze diplomatic situations in which the use of objects and their meanings were contested, or in which artifacts were used to prevent, intensify, moderate, or disguise political conflicts between the negotiating parties. From a comparative perspective, we want to investigate the complex interplay of ideas (concepts of rule, ideologies, and political core values),  operational political interests (policy aims in specific contexts of diplomatic negotiation), and the – all too often pre-arranged–use of artifacts in colonial and non-colonial settings of diplomatic communication.

Leaflet with the conference program (PDF)


Altes Finanzamt, Landshuter Str. 4, Room 319


Prof. Dr. Volker Depkat
American Studies
E-Mail: volker.depkat@ur.de

Prof. Dr. Harriet Rudolph
Early Modern History
E-Mail: harriet.rudolph@ur.de


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