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Change from Below: Mobility, Transformation and Exchange across Europe

Donnerstag 23. Mai 2024 - Samstag 25. Mai 2024

This year's theme "Change from Below: Mobility, Transformation, and Exchange across Europe," explores how mobility has historically and contemporarily influenced societal changes across Europe and beyond. The workshop will highlight the often-undervalued stories and impacts of those affected by these dynamics. The program begins with an insightful keynote by Dr. Rory Archer, who will discuss Yugoslav Albanian labour migration as a case study of the often unseen aspects of European mobility. This will set the stage for a series of presentations and panel discussions that delve into how cross-border movements have reshaped communities and individual experiences. Topics will cover a wide range of issues from the transfer of cultural knowledge to shifts in political landscapes and economic frameworks.This workshop is tailored for scholars, especially PhD candidates and early career researchers from fields such as history, cultural studies, and sociology. It offers a valuable platform for presenting research, exchanging ideas, and fostering discussions that deepen understanding of mobility’s role in shaping our world. We invite you to share your insights and join a community of scholars in exploring the subtle yet powerful forces of mobility, transformation, and exchange that continue to shape Europe.

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