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SFB960 Conference 2022

Montag 04. Juli 2022 - Donnerstag 07. Juli 2022

Biological systems are highly dynamic, both on an atomic and on a cellular level. This also applies to large RNA protein complexes (RNPs) that constantly change shape, composition, and cellular localization, depending on the biological context. Most of our knowledge regarding RNPs is, however, restricted to static pictures that describe a single state of the complex.

Here, we highlight the importance of time-dependent changes in the structure, composition and cellular localization of RNPs. This meeting will therefore go beyond the current, static description of RNPs and pave the way for elucidating dynamic mechanism that regulate cellular function.

We bring together senior and early career scientists that have a strong background in structural and cellular biology of RNPs with researchers that have a strong methodological focus on addressing and describing dynamic biological systems.

The exciting scientific program includes sessions that are dedicated to

  •     Emerging methods to study RNP dynamics
  •     RNA folding and dynamics
  •     Assembly of RNPs
  •     RNP conformation changes and remodeling
  •     RNP trafficking and localisation

We have an excellent line of speakers and are excited about keynote lectures from Elena Conti (Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, Munich), Nobel laureate Joachim Frank (Columbia University, New York) and Sarah Woodson (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore).

In sum, this meeting will spark the synergy between bio-physical methods and dynamic RNPs that is required to obtain novel insights into the mechanisms by which complex biological systems change over time.


Johanna-Dachs-Str. 46
93055 Regensburg


SFB960 Conference
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