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How to get to Regensburg

In order to travel from e.g. Munich Airport to Regensburg and to use
public transportation within Regensburg, it makes sense to use the so-
called “9€-ticket”. You can buy it on the internet or at any train
station or bus for 9€ and it allows you to use regional public
transportation as often as you want. Unfortunately, there is one for
each month of the year, so if you want to use public transportation on
July 31st and on August 1st, you will have to buy one 9€-ticket for
July and one for August.
You can find some more information here:

All busses are included in the 9€ ticket, but for trains you should
check whether a particular connection is covered by the 9€ ticket.

In order to go from the city center to the university (bus stop
“Universität”), there are several bus lines available:

- Line 2 with final stop “Karl-Stieler-Straße”,
- Line 11 with final stop “Burgweinting”
- Line 6 with final stop “Klinikum” (from the main train station)

You can search for connections at https://www.bahn.com/en

How to get to the lecture hall

The campus

The conference will take place in lecture hall H31 in the maths department. Here is a map of the campus. Coffee breaks will take place across the corridor in room M102.

Local bus system

Get off at the bus stop "Universität" which is served by many bus lines. There should be signs pointing to the lecture hall. Check the bus schedules at the public transport organisation's website.

You can pay for a bus ride on entering the bus or purchase a strip of tickets ("Streifen-Ticket") from one of the ticket machines. A strip of tickets costs 10 Euros (12 if bought directly on the bus) and it allows five bus rides.

Nonarchimedean and Tropical Geometry


August 1 - August 5, 2022      in Regensburg, Germany


Picture by Avarim, under license CC BY-SA 3.0 de