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Chemische und Magnetische Analytik – CHEMA

Chema offers interactive analysis of samples with respect to their chemical composition and/or magnetic properties. Chema is a service unit of the physics department of Universität Regensburg. Chema uses high-standard measurement setups which belong to the physics department. Chema offers the chance for an interactive analysis process, which comprises a direct and fast exchange of information with the laboratory staff. Hence short decision-making channels as well as a transparent process of the analysis method and interpretration of the data are guaranteed.

In addition, unconventional measurements adapted to the customers requirements are also offered, such as resistivity measurements of materials with ultra high resistivity (>10GOhm, e.g. corund pulver), measurements of pulsed or static magnetic fields etc. 

Methods for Chemical Analysis

X-Ray Photoemission Spectroscopy

Scanning Auger Spectroscopy

Methods for Magnetic Analysis

Superconducting Quantum Interference Device

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

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Chemische und Magnetische Analytik





Matthias Kronseder


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