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Mass Spectrometry

Scientific Research and related Projects

 Our Scientific Research concentrates on the Z1 project of the CRC960 (SFB960).










Regensburg Center for Biochemistry

Advanced Methods and Services

Q-TOF maXis plus (Bruker)

  • Shotgun-Proteomics
  • Analysis of protein complexes (AP-MS)
  • PTM-Analysis
  • Quantitative-Proteomics (SILAC, iTRAQ, labelfree)


  • Targeted Proteomics (selected reaction monitoring) applied to proteins, PTMs and protein complexes
  • Quantitative Proteomics (SRM with synthetic heavy peptieds or QconCATs as spike-in standards)

Mass Spectrometers and HPLC technology

MaXiS 4G                   



Dr. Astrid Bruckmann

Leader of MS facility

Room Vkl 1 1.02

Tel: +(49)(0)941/943-2810

E-mail: astrid.bruckmann(at)ur.de

Matthias Gruber

Graduate Student

Room Vkl 1 1.02

Tel: +(49)(0)941/943-2810

E-mail: Matthias2.Gruber(at)ur.de

Patricia Luckner


Room Vkl 1 1.02

Tel: +(49)(0)941/943-2810

E-mail: Patricia.Luckner(at)ur.de

Eduard Hochmuth


Room Vkl 1 1.02

Tel: +(49)(0)941/943-2810

E-mail: eduard.hochmuth(at)ur.de

Uwe-Johann Kloos

Technical Assistant

Room Vkl 1 1.02

Tel: +(49)(0)941/943-2810

E-mail: uwe.kloos(at)ur.de


  1. Fakultät für Biologie und Vorklinische Medizin
  2. Faculty Research

Mass Spectrometry


Room Vkl 1 1.02

Tel: +(49)(0)941/943-2832