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Biochemistry II

Dr. Andrea Hupfeld (née Kneuttinger)


Our Vision

Our global goal is the design of artificial enzymes with an integrated photoswitch through which enzyme activity can be spatio-temporally controlled by light. It is our vision that these photoswitchable enzymes contribute to the scientific progress in diverse fundamental and application-oriented research fields. This vision motivates us to work closely together as a cohesive team.

The three factors of light, progress and teamwork are illustrated in our group logo: Light (yellow), which originates from several pieces that come together as a sphere symbolizing a team (blue), illuminates the path of progress (arrow).


  1. Fakultät für Biologie und Vorklinische Medizin
  2. Faculty Research

Engineering of Photocontrol in Enzymes

Group of
Dr. Andrea Hupfeld
(née Kneuttinger)

Dr. Andrea Kneuttinger

Phone: +49-941-943 7439
Room: E3_1.315

Curriculum Vitae