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Peer-reviewed papers in journals and books since 2018

1.    Cordonnier M, Lindner T, Heinze J (2023) Fragmentation shapes nest density and social structure but not genetic diversity of Temnothorax crassispinus (Formicidae). Pop Ecol 65: 192–202

2.    Pedraza L, Heinze J, Dussutour A, Bernadou A (2023) A new experimental setup for studying ants and similar-sized insects. Insectes Soc 70: 275-280

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5.    Orbán-Bakk K, Marczini MJ, Gál L, Heinze J, Casta E, Markó B (2022) Under pressure: the effect of long-term fungal infection on the encapsulation response in ants. Insectes Soc 69: 361-367

6.    Feldmeyer B, Gstöttl C, Wallner J, Jongepier E, Séguret A, Grasso DA, Bornberg-Bauer E, Foitzik S, Heinze J (2022) Evidence for a conserved queen-worker genetic toolkit across slave-making ants and their ant hosts. Mol Ecol 31: 4991–5004

7.    Vidal M, Heinze J (2022) Assisted dispersal and reproductive success in an ant species with matchmaking. Ecol Evol 12: e9236

8.    Jackson R, Monnin D, Patapiou PA, Golding G, Helanterä H, Oettler J, Heinze J, Wurm Y, Economou CK, Chapuisat M, Henry LM (2022) Convergent evolution of a labile nutritional symbiosis in ants. ISME J 16: 2114–2122

9.     Cordonnier M, Felten D, Trindl A, Heinze J, Bernadou A (2022) Absence of genetic isolation across highly fragmented landscape in the ant Temnothorax nigriceps. BMC Evol Biol 22: 91

10.    Jaimes Nino L, Heinze J, Oettler J (2022) Late-life fitness gains and reproductive death in Cardiocondyla obscurior ants. eLife 11: e74695

11.    Ün Ç, Hacker J, Heinze J, Oettler J, Schultner E (2022) Endosymbionts mediate the effects of antibiotic exposure in the tramp ant Cardiocondyla obscurior. Ecol Entomol 47:170–180

12.    Jongepier E, Séguret A, Labutin A, Feldmeyer B, Gstöttl C, Foitzik S, Heinze J, Bornberg-Bauer E (2022) Convergent loss of chemoreceptors across independent origins of slave-making in ants. Mol Biol Evol 39: msab305

13.    Kiran K, Karaman C, Heinze J (2021) First record of the inquiline ant Leptothorax kutteri Buschinger, 1965 from Turkey. Sociobiology 68: e7224

14.    Ün Ç, Schultner E, Manzano-Marín A, Flórez L, Seifert B, Heinze J, Oettler J (2021) Cytoplasmic incompatibility between Old and New World populations of a tramp ant. Evolution 75: 1775-1791

15.    Heinze J, Marschall J, Lautenschläger B, Seifert B, Gratiashvili N, Strohm E (2021) Courtship with two spoons – anatomy and presumed function of the bizarre antennae of Cardiocondyla zoserka ant males. Ecol Evol 11: 7827–7833

16.    Vidal M, Königseder F, Giehr J, Schrempf A, Lucas C, Heinze J (2021) Worker ants promote outbreeding by transporting young queens to alien nests. Commun Biol 4: 515

17.    Korb J, Meusemann K, Aumer D, Bernadou A, Elsner D, Feldmeyer B, Foitzik S, Heinze J, Libbrecht R, Lin S, Majoe M, Monroy Kuhn JM, Nehring V, Negroni M, Paxton RJ, Séguret AC, Stoldt M, Flatt T (2021) Comparative transcriptomic analysis of the mechanisms underpinning ageing and fecundity in social insects. Phil Trans R Soc B 376: 20190728

18.    Korb J, Heinze J (2021) Ageing and sociality: why, when, and how does sociality change ageing patterns? Phil Trans R Soc B 376: 20190727

19.    Kramer B, Nehring V, Buttstedt A, Heinze J, Korb J, Libbrecht R, Meusemann K, Paxton RJ, Séguret A, Schaub F, Bernadou A (2021) Oxidative stress and senescence in social insects - a significant but inconsistent link? Phil Trans R Soc B 376: 20190732

20.    Heinze J, Giehr J (2021) The plasticity of life span in social insects. Phil Trans R Soc B 376: 20190734

21.    Giehr J, Heinze J (2021) Queen execution in a monogynous ant. Ecol Evol 11: 1843-1849  

22.    Heinze J, Koller S (2021) Apparent task specialization among co-founding ant queens. Insect Sci 28:278-280 

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30.    Giehr J, Wallner J, Krüger T, Heinze J (2020) Body size and sperm quality in queen- and worker-produced ant males. J evol Biol 33:842–849 

31.    Gstöttl C, Stoldt M, Jongepier E, Bornberg-Bauer E, Feldmeyer B, Heinze J, Foitzik S (2020) Comparative analyses of caste, sex and developmental stage-specific transcriptomes in two Temnothorax ants. Ecol Evol 10:4193-4203

32.    Heinze J (2020) Emeryia, Xenometra, zoserka – it’s a boy, again! The misleading morphology of Cardiocondyla male ants. Insectes Soc 67:139-146

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40.    Giehr J, Czaczkes T, Heinze J (2019) Sanitary behavior in queenright and queenless ant colonies. Behav Proc 164: 86-90

41.    Oettler J, Platschek T, Schmidt C, Rajakumar R, Favé M-J, Khila A, Heinze J, Abouheif E (2019) Interruption points in the wing gene regulatory network underlying wing polyphenism evolved independently in male and female castes in Cardiocondyla ants. J exp Zool B 332: 7–16

42.    Heinze J, Frohschammer S, Bernadou A (2019) When invasive ants meet: effects of outbreeding on queen performance in the tramp ant Cardiocondyla itsukii. Insect Sci 26: 333–340

43.    Heinze J, Hanoeffner M, Delabie JHC, Schrempf A (2018) Methuselah’s daughters: paternal age has little effect on offspring number and quality in Cardiocondyla ants. Ecol Evol 8: 12066–12072

44.    Giehr J, Heinze J (2018) Queens stay, workers leave: caste-specific responses to fatal infections in an ant. BMC Evol Biol 18: 202

45.    Fuessl M, Santos CG, Hartfelder K, Schrempf A, Heinze J (2018) Accessory gland proteins of males in the male-diphenic ant Cardiocondyla obscurior. Physiol Entomol 43: 276-284

46.    Cardoso DC, Heinze J, Moura MN, Cristiano MP (2018) Chromosomal variation among populations of a fungus-farming ant: implications for karyotype evolution and potential restriction to gene flow. BMC Evol Biol 18: 146

47.    Schmidt CV, Heinze J (2018) Mandible morphology reflects the type of male antagonism in the ant genus Cardiocondyla (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Eur J Entomol 115: 455-466

48.    Bernadou A, Schrader L, Pable J, Hoffacker E, Meusemann K, Heinze J (2018) Stress and early experience underlie dominance status and division of labour in a clonal insect. Proc R Soc B 285: 20181468

49.    Csata E, Billen J, Bernadou A, Heinze J, Markó B (2018) Infection-related variation in cuticle thickness in the ant Myrmica scabrinodis (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Insectes soc 65: 503-506

50.    Czaczkes TJ, Brandstetter B, di Stefano O, Heinze J (2018) Greater effort increases perceived value in an invertebrate. J comp Psychol 132: 200-209

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52.    Bernadou A, Czaczkes T, Heinze J (2018) From inside to outside and back again: changing waste dump formation, defecation and worker localization in a clonal ant. Insectes Soc 65: 133-140

53.    Schmidt CV, Heinze J (2018) Genital morphology of winged and wingless males in the ant genus Cardiocondyla (Formicidae, Myrmicinae). Insect Syst Evol 49: 59-80

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