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Guiding principles

High quality and great diversity for the best prospects

The faculty particularly emphasizes high-quality teaching and practical orientation that allows for a sophisticated basis in theory, curricular concentration, and an interdisciplinary and international approach. The variety of business sciences at Regensburg covers almost all the problem areas in this field, and therefore offers good prospects for our students’ future professional careers.

With the Honors elite degree programs, the faculty also offers especially strong and gifted students the opportunity for specialized support under the maxim of the “challenge and support” approach.

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In 1967, the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Management Information Systems was one of the first faculties to begin its teaching program after the University of Regensburg was founded in 1962. Since it was founded, the faculty has established itself as an educational facility recognized for its practical application, and is regarded in the German-speaking community as one of the business sciences faculties with the strongest track record in research.

National presence - international network

Furthermore, it is important to the faculty to be part of both a national and an international network. The faculty is a member or co-initiator of several centers and institutes, e.g. the Center of Finance, ibi research an der Universität Regensburg GmbH, Ost-West-Zentrum (East-West Center) (Europaeum), Osteuropa-Institut (Institute of East European Studies).

Our faculty also has partnerships with numerous European and non-European universities. As part of the European ERASMUS+ program, the University of Regensburg works together with universities throughout Europe, from Barcelona to Paris, Edinburgh, Stockholm and St. Petersburg, down to Athens in the south.
There are also numerous exchange programs with the USA, e.g. the University of Colorado and Murray State University.


Faculty of Business, Economics, Management Information Systems


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