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The research at the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Management Information Systems includes method-oriented fundamental research and also project-oriented and custom-designed research.

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Our faculty is regarded in the German-speaking community as an institution with a strong track record in research.

Research in the field of Business Administration

At the Institute of Business Administration, the research focus is essentially on two areas. In the field of financial management, academic research is carried out on topics concerning capital markets research, risk management, financial innovations, computational finance, and the internationalization of corporate reporting.

All of the academics working in the field of financial management bundle and coordinate their activities in the Center of Finance.

The research field of value chain management comprises all issues along the product life cycle. In the faculty, research areas in this field are management and organization, logistics and controlling, innovation and technology management, marketing, and strategic industrial goods marketing.

Research in the field of Economics

The Chairs at the Institute of Economics and Econometrics offer a broad research spectrum. Aside from general topics, such as empirical macroeconomics and microeconomics, experimental economic research and microeconomics, and growth theory and the theory of business cycles, the Institute of Economics also conducts research on three further topic areas.
In the area of markets, the essential research fields are labor markets, financial markets, and Real Estate markets. Furthermore, there are research projects in this field concerning industrial economics and international relations with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe, and on the theory of the firm.

In the research field concerning the state, the focus is on the topics of taxation, health economics, regional economics, and environmental economics.

The third research focus of the Institute is on econometric methods.

Research overview at the Institute

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Research in the field of Management Information Systems

There are three large areas of research at the Institute of Management Information Systems.

The Chairs of Management Information Systems II and Business Engineering cooperate in the field of IT Finance, supplemented by the affiliated academic institute at the University of Regensburg.

The Chairs of IT Security Management and Information Systems work closely together in the main research field of IT Security.

The Chairs of Business Engineering and Information Systems cooperate in the Business Information Systems research field.

Research in the field of Real Estate Economics

The focus of the research at the Institute of Real Estate Economics is on three main areas.

Real Estate financing deals with features of Real Estate property as an investment category. As well as direct investments, this also particularly includes indirect investments, open-ended real estate funds, or real estate corporations or REITs. There is also a focus on handling the financing of real estate investments and their securitization.

In the research field of Real Estate Management, the areas of management linked to Real Estate economics are analyzed from an academic and practice-oriented standpoint in an interdisciplinary approach. Aside from institutional and typological aspects, all functions and phases covering the life cycle of real estate are echoed here.

The research focusing on Real Estate Economics deals with classifying the real estate market in an economic context, and with the connections between real estate markets and other markets.

Research overview at the Institute

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