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Additional offerings

In addition to the standard Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Management Information Systems provides additional offerings for different target groups to study.

Studium Zusatzangebote

Company reorganization

The aim of the supplementary degree in Company Reorganization is to prepare prospective lawyers, business economists, and economists for the special tasks associated with the restructuring, reorganization, and liquidation of companies.

For this purpose, the course offering brings together legal aspects of the problem set and those relevant to business administration to form an interdisciplinary degree program to be completed over several semesters.

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MBA in Controlling

The University of Regensburg offers a degree program in which you can obtain an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Controlling.

The MBA in Controlling is aimed at people with experience in industry, trade, and the service sector who have prior academic qualifications, and who wish to extend their knowledge of controlling and corporate management. As vocational training at university, the degree program prepares students for the challenges of controlling.

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Early studies

Since the fall semester of 2007/08, the University of Regensburg has opened its doors to students in their final years of high school and from the Berufliche Oberschule (vocational high school) as part of the “early studies” program.  

Since then, motivated, high-performance high school students have the possibility of attending university events, and, should they choose to do so, of earning program achievements which can count toward a degree program they may start after graduating from high school.

This means that a degree program they may do later on can be shortened, or it can free up time for stays abroad or to attend interdisciplinary events, for example.

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