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Center of Language and Communication (ZSK)


The Center of Language and Communication (ZSK) organizes German and foreign language courses as well as rhetoric training both before and accompanying the programme of study of university students. The ZSK consists of the following three teaching areas:

German as a Foreign Language (DaF)

Learning German successfully in order to study and research successully! This teaching area aims to prepare applicants and students from abroad for their studies in Regensburg and to help them improve their knowledge of German during their studies. For this purpose, this teaching area offers courses in various areas on all levels.
Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DAF)

Oral Communication and Speech Training (MKuSE)

Today, oral communication has been recognized more than ever as being one of the key qualifications in human relations. This teaching area offers various courses ranging from rhetorics to voice training. Among other courses, a series of classes in „International Rhetoric Skills“ is on offer, of which a part is held in English.
Mündliche Kommunikation und Sprecherziehung (MKuSE)...

(Non-Degree) Language Courses (SFA)

Complementary language courses are offered to all university students. By attending these courses students gain key qualifications that can be both the prerequisite for stays abroad as well as a benefit when graduates enter the workforce. Additionally, according to various examination regulations these language courses can be credited as optional subjects.
Studienbegleitende Fremdsprachenausbildung (SFA)

One-on-one Consultation, Workshops and Courses on Academic Writing

Since 2011 the ZSK offers workshops, courses and individualized writing tutorials to support you, when you are writing your academic papers. The ZSK subscribes to a process-based approach to writing at any stage of the writing process. Student writers receive free, one-on-one conferences with a trained writing consultant to work on  writing assignments.
Schriftliche Kommunikation und Schreibberatung (Academic Writing)


Center of Language and Communication


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