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Transfer of Credits

You can transfer the credits you have earned elsewhere (abroad, different degree program...) to your chemistry program at University of Regensburg (UR). Please note that we will review your externaml courses to determine equivalency to taught courses at UR.

Please submint the following documents for the acceptance of your coursework:

  • Transcript of Records (incl. grade, credit points, semester hours)
  • Course specifications/detailed syllabus
  • Research report, records

Credit Transfer - Bachelor's/Master's Degree in Chemistry

Please schedule an appointment with your Course Coordinator for Chemistry. She will prepare the necessary documents fot the award and will forward them to the responsible professors for review.

The following professors are currently responsible for the transfer of credits:

Prof. Dr. A. Pfitzner (Inorganic Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. B. Koenig (Organic Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. W. Kunz (Physical Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. J. Wegener (Analytical Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. B. Dick (Mathematics, Physics)

Credit Transfer - Teacher educations programs Chemistry

Please schedule an appointment with the Advisory Service for Teacher education programs Chemistry. Click here for the Transfer Credit request form. Your documents will be reviewed by the respective module coordinator.

The following professors are currently responsible for the recognition of your (Master's ) thesis toward a teaching degree:

Prof. Dr. M. Scheer (Inorganic Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. A. Jacobi von Wangelin (Organic Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. H. Motschmann (Physical Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. F.-M. Matysik (Analytical Chemistry)