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Dr. Marion Till

Ph.D. thesis: Light-Driven Syntheses of Monophosphorus Compounds.

Universität Regensburg, 2023.


AK Wolf on July 2022:

AK Wolf on July 2021:


Dr. Christoph Ziegler

Ph.D. thesis: Heterobimetallic Polyphosphido Complexes as useful Synthons for the Activation and Functionalization of white Phosphorus.

Universität Regensburg, 2021.


Dr. Gabriele Hierlmeier

Ph.D. thesis: Phosphorus-Containing Tetrahedranes: Synthesis and Reactivity Studies.

Universität Regensburg, 2021.


AK Wolf on July 2020:

 Welt Group2020


Dr. Miguel Ángel Chacón Terán

Ph.D. thesis: Tris(8-quinolyl)phosphite: Synthesis, Coordination Chemistry and Catalytic Applications.

Universität Regensburg and Universidad Símon Bolívar, Caracas, Venezuela, 2020


Dr. Julia Leitl

Ph.D. thesis: Synthesis of Novel Phosphinine Coordination Compounds and their Reactivity Toward Small Molecules.

Universität Regensburg, 2020.


Dr. Ulrich Lennert

Ph.D. thesis: Visible-Light-Driven Functionalisation of White Phosphorus.

Universität Regensburg, 2020.


Dr. Thomas Maier

Ph.D. thesis: α-Diimine Ferrates and Cobaltates as Highly Reactive Complex Fragments in Synthesis and Catalysis.

Universität Regensburg, 2020.


Dr. Christian Hoidn

Ph.D. thesis: Functionalization of White Phosphorus Mediated by Low-Valent Cobalt Complexes.

Universität Regensburg, 2019.


Dr. Philipp Büschelberger

Ph.D. thesis: Homogeneous vs. Heterogeneous Cobalt-Catalyzed Hydrogenations: An Evaluation of Cobaltates and Cobalt Nanoparticles as Catalysts.

Universität Regensburg, 2019.


Dr. Christian Rödl

Ph.D. thesis: Reactivity and Coordination Studies of Diphosphacyclobutadiene Sandwich Anions.

Universität Regensburg, 2019.


AK Wolf im January 2019:



AK Wolf im August 2018:



Dr. Dirk Herrmann

Ph.D. thesis: Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity of Transition Metal Complexes Stabilized by Naphthalene and Naphthyl-substituted N-heterocyclic Carbenes.

Universität Regensburg, 2018.



Dr. Stefan Pelties

Aktuelle Position: Prozessingenieur

Infineon Technologies AG

Ph.D. thesis: Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity Studies of Low-valent 3d Metal Complexes with N-Heterocyclic Carbene and α-Diimine Ligands.

Universität Regensburg, 2016.


Dr. Bernd Mühldorf

Aktuelle Position: OSRAM OLED GmbH

Ph.D. thesis: Visible-Light-Driven Aerobic Oxidation Reactions Catalyzed by Riboflavin Tetraacetate.

Universität Regensburg, 2016.


Dr. Uttam Chakraborty

Aktuelle Position:

Postdoktorand (AK Jacobi von Wangelin, Uni Regensburg)

Veronica Scheidler2

Veronica Scheidler

Aktuelle Position:

Laborantin (AK Jacobi von Wangelin, Uni Regensburg)

Franziska Urban

Anna Weigl



Helge Lange

Dr. Helge Lange



Anne-Kathrin Wiegel









Anna Kohl








Nadine Maue








Dr. Jennifer Malberg

Dr. Jennifer Bissmeyer (geb. Malberg)

Aktuelle Position: Laborleiterin Paints & Coatings

ASK Chemicals, Wülfrath

Ph.D. thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of Oligonuclear Napthalene and Diphosphacyclobutadiene Transition Metal Complexes.

Universität Regensburg, 2013.

Dr. Babak Rezaei Rad

Dr. Babak Rezaei Rad

Aktuelle Position:


Universität Münster

Vanessa Tomanek

Vanessa Tomanek

Aktuelle Position:


Institut für Analytische Chemie, Chemo- und Biosensorik (AK Bäumner), Universität Regensburg

Dr. Markus Plois

Dr. Markus Plois

Aktuelle Position: Specialist QC

Baxter Oncology GmbH

Ph.D. thesis: Synthese, Charakterisierung und kooperative Reaktivität von Rutheniumkomplexen mit N‑heterozyklischen Carbenliganden und mehrkernigen homo- und heterometallischen Ruthenium- und Eisenhydridokomplexen

Universität Münster, 2012.

Dr. Eva-Maria Schnöckelborg

Dr. Eva-Maria Schnöckelborg

Ph.D. thesis: Synthese, Charakterisierung und Reaktionsverhalten von niedervalenten Polyareneisen­komplexen und verwandten Verbindungen.

Universität Münster, 2011.



Katharina Weber

Prof. Dr.Katharina Weber


Current Position:

Professor for Chemical Surface Technology

Aaalen University, Germany.

AK Wolf im Dezember 2014:

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AK Wolf im Juni 2014:

AK Wolf im April 2013:



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