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Our group is a member of the Collaborative Research Center 325 with the project:

Project A5  

Monitoring and Exploiting Short-lived
Intermediates in Assembly-Controlled Photocatalytic Processes

Project Outline

Auspicious compounds for photocatalysis are often discarded because of their lifetimes being too short for a diffusive encounter of catalyst and substrate. However, they could open alternative photo-catalytic routes if the diffusion obstacle is overcome by pre-assembly. The project aims to identify spectroscopic signatures of pre-assembled species and to mechanistically understand on a molecular level to which extent these enable new photocatalytic possibilities. The prospects of pre-assembly are investigated with time-resolved laser spectroscopy for three scenarios: i) non-covalent substrate-catalyst interactions, ii) chromophores covalently bound to a moiety exhibiting catalytic activity, and iii) organic radicals acting as photocatalysts. In the project, transient absorption and emission spectroscopy will be combined with high pressure, electrochemistry, and magnetic fields, and are complemented by close collaboration with synthesis and theory.


If you are interested in joining our team as a PhD student, we would be happy to hear from you. Applications (single .pdf document) should typically include a letter of motivation, CV, an academic transcript of records, and contact information of two references, preferable in English. Experience in working with lasers is desirable, enthusiasm for photochemistry is essential. Prospective PhD students should apply exclusively to apply-crc325@ur.de and  refer  to "Project  A5 (Nuernberger group)".

Related Publications

N. Berg, S. Bergwinkl, P. Nuernberger, D. Horinek, R.M. Gschwind
Extended hydrogen bond networks for effective proton-coupled electron transfer (PCET) reactions: The unexpected role of thiophenol and its acidic channel in photocatalytic hydroamidations
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 143, 724-735 (2021)

X. Li, R. J. Kutta, C. Jandl, A. Bauer, P. Nuernberger, T. Bach
Photochemically induced ring opening of spirocyclopropyl oxindoles: Evidence for a triplet 1,3-diradical intermediate and deracemization by a chiral sensitizer
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 59, 21640-21647 (2020)

L. Grimmelsmann, V. Schuabb, B. Tekin, R. Winter, P. Nuernberger
Impact of kilobar pressures on ultrafast triazene and thiacyanine photodynamics
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 20, 18169–18175 (2018)

J. Knorr, P. Sokkar, S. Schott, P. Costa, W. Thiel, W. Sander, E. Sanchez-Garcia, P. Nuernberger
Competitive solvent-molecule interactions govern primary processes of diphenylcarbene in solvent mixtures
Nature Commun. 7, 12968 (2016)

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