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You think you have a crystal?

Don´t remove all of the solvent!!

Have a closer look through the microscope: Is it really a single crystal?

      (parts of a pipette, baked powder etc. are not crystals!)

Are your crystals big enough?

Print out and fill in the application form                                                                      (forms which are filled in incompletely will be ignored )

Leave your crystal in the solvent,

      maybe transfer it into a small glas with press-on lid

Opening hours:

      Mo - Fri, 10:00 to 11:00  ZA office (CH23.0.08) 

You can also leave it in the lab CH23.0.13, but  then you don´t have the avantage of experise, which could save both, time and money!

A crystal of suitable type for crystal structure determination is selected by us. After  measurement, the structure of the compound is determined by the data obtained. All required files will be sent via e-mail to you.

You will receive these files:

  • cif file (Crystallographic Information File) which also includes the result of refinement (former res-file) and the hkl-file
  • cifreport.pdf
  • Uni-Report (.docx)
  • Pictures of the selected crystal (included in the Uni-Report)
  • Comments  (Only in case of problems!)

Upon request we also process external orders. In that case we also send the data named above via e-mail.

Your crystals aren´t qualified for measurement? Never say die!   

Tips for crystallisation you can find here   

pictures © Karlheinz Huber/daskleinefotoatelier.de 
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X-Ray structure analysis
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